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coun·try  (kŭn′trē)
n. pl. coun·tries
a. A nation or state.
b. The territory of a nation or state; land.
c. The people of a nation or state; populace: The whole country will profit from the new economic reforms.
2. The land of a person's birth or citizenship: Foreign travel is restricted in his country.
3. A region, territory, or large tract of land distinguishable by features of topography, biology, or culture: hill country; Bible country.
4. An area or expanse outside cities and towns; a rural area: a vacation in the country.
5. Law A jury.
6. Informal Country music.
1. Of, relating to, or typical of the country: a country road; country cooking.
2. Of or relating to country music.
in country
In Vietnam during the period of U.S. military operations there: "He'd been in country a month longer than the other four" (Nelson DeMille).

[Middle English countre, from Old French contree, from Vulgar Latin *(terra) contrāta, (land) opposite, before, from Latin contrā, opposite; see kom in Indo-European roots.]

country (ˈkʌntrɪ)
n, pl -tries
1. (Human Geography) a territory distinguished by its people, culture, language, geography, etc
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an area of land distinguished by its political autonomy; state
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the people of a territory or state: the whole country rebelled.
4. an area associated with a particular person: Burns country.
5. (Human Geography)
a. the part of the land that is away from cities or industrial areas; rural districts
b. (as modifier): country cottage.
c. (in combination): a countryman.
6. (Music, other) short for country music
7. a particular locality or district
8. up country away from the coast or the capital
9. (Anthropology & Ethnology) one's native land or nation of citizenship
10. (General Sporting Terms) the country Brit the outlying area or area furthest from the finish of a sports ground or racecourse
11. (modifier) rough; uncouth; rustic: country manners.
12. across country not keeping to roads, etc
13. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) go to the country appeal to the country Brit to dissolve Parliament and hold an election
14. unknown country an unfamiliar topic, place, matter, etc
[C13: from Old French contrée, from Medieval Latin contrāta, literally: that which lies opposite, from Latin contrā opposite]

coun•try (ˈkʌn tri)

n., pl. -tries,
adj. n.
1. a state or nation: European countries.
2. the territory of a nation.
3. the people of a district, state, or nation.
4. the land of one's birth or citizenship.
5. rural districts, as opposed to cities or towns.
6. any considerable territory demarcated by topographical conditions, by a distinctive population, etc.
7. the public at large, as represented by a jury.
9. of, from, or characteristic of the country; rural.
10. rude; unpolished; rustic: country manners.
11. of, from, or pertaining to a particular country.
12. Obs. of one's own country.
[1200–50; Middle English cuntree < Anglo-French, Old French < Vulgar Latin *(regiō) contrāta terrain opposite the viewer]


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The Town Mouse rather turned up his long nose at this country fare, and said: "I cannot understand, Cousin, how you can put up with such poor food as this, but of course you cannot expect anything better in the country; come you with me and I will show you how to live.
I do not know a place in the country that is equal to Netherfield.
That young men travel under some tutor, or grave servant, I allow well; so that he be such a one that hath the language, and hath been in the country before; whereby he may be able to tell them what things are worthy to be seen, in the country where they go; what acquaintances they are to seek; what exercises, or discipline, the place yieldeth.
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