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Noun1.course of instruction - education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings; "he took a course in basket weaving"; "flirting is not unknown in college classes"
didactics, education, educational activity, instruction, pedagogy, teaching - the activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart knowledge or skill; "he received no formal education"; "our instruction was carefully programmed"; "good classroom teaching is seldom rewarded"
coursework - work assigned to and done by a student during a course of study; usually it is evaluated as part of the student's grade in the course
adult education - a course (via lectures or correspondence) for adults who are not otherwise engaged in formal study
art class - a class in which you learn to draw or paint
childbirth-preparation class - a course that teaches pregnant women to use breathing and concentration and exercise techniques to use during labor
lesson - a unit of instruction; "he took driving lessons"
correspondence course - a course offered (by mail) by a correspondence school
course of lectures - a series of lectures dealing with a subject
directed study - a course of study that is supervised and controlled by a specialist in the subject; "he registered for directed study"; "he got credit for directed study"; "he did directed study"
elective, elective course - a course that the student can select from among alternatives
extension course - a course offered as part of an extension service
home study - a course of study carried out at home rather than in a classroom
industrial arts - a course in the methods of using tools and machinery as taught in secondary schools and technical schools
orientation course, orientation - a course introducing a new situation or environment
propaedeutic, propaedeutics - a course that provides an introduction to an art or science (or to more advanced study generally)
refresher course, refresher - a course that reviews and updates a topic for those who have not kept abreast of developments
required course - a course that all students are required to take
seminar - a course offered for a small group of advanced students
shop class, shop - a course of instruction in a trade (as carpentry or electricity); "I built a birdhouse in shop"
workshop - a brief intensive course for a small group; emphasizes problem solving
lecturing, lecture - teaching by giving a discourse on some subject (typically to a class)
class period, course session, recitation - a regularly scheduled session as part of a course of study
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Willoughby's selfishness, though consistent as Helen saw with real affection for his daughter, made her determined to have the girl to stay with her, even if she had to promise a complete course of instruction in the feminine graces.
a regular course of instruction but comes of the reading of occult
Miss Ophelia began with Topsy by taking her into her chamber, the first morning, and solemnly commencing a course of instruction in the art and mystery of bed-making.
The subject of this contract is to service the recruitment of foreign students for 6-year studies at the Faculty of Medicine with a course of instruction in English at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, for students from the area of ?
Here in Newcastle Diocese the opportunity to explore the origins of our faith has been made available through a course of instruction called Foundations of Faith.
Specifically, she presents the following issues and concerns: (1) All students with disabilities are still not being taught to high level and sufficiently comprehensive standards; (2) Multiple measures in assessment need to be used for the testing of students with disabilities; (3) Parent communities are not adequately involved in school improvement efforts as required by NCLB making schools less accountable to parents; (4) Schools and school districts are not providing the necessary resources to be accountable for delivering high quality instruction and services; and (5) Supplemental educational services and remedial or compensatory education often deny students with disabilities the specialized instruction they need to benefit from the course of instruction.
My description of 'Christ in Art' as a skills-based course of instruction in interpreting paintings in the light of their religious function fitted very well into this conception.
In the Course of Instruction, under the heading of 'English', and after a brief introduction to the role of the English teacher, the sub-component subjects were dealt with section by section.
a) Complete a course of instruction that qualifies him to take an examination for certification in phlebotomy that is administered by:
She also ensured that she was present for the beginning of each course of instruction and at the closing ceremonies.
The number of entries and the total assessment value of a reading journal can be adjusted to match the teaching and learning objectives of any particular course of instruction and the potential in-class application of the task can also change to suit a specific situation.
Musical Instrument coverage protects your musical instruments during the course of instruction.