A printed or digital collection of assigned readings, as for a college course, typically including an assortment of periodical articles or sections of longer books.

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Iser, Wolfgang (2006) "On Translatability," Cultural Typologies Coursepack, University of Bucharest.
Georgia State University) have redefined reserves and coursepack protocol, and cases against researchers involving the anti-circumvention restrictions contained within the DMCA have "showcased the chilling effect .
Fan's teacher Gina (also a pseudonym), a teaching assistant pursuing a PhD in literature, had organized this eight-week, four-credit course around excerpts from twenty different memoirs, which she had assembled into a coursepack.
nationwide coursepack copying service and many infringements had
As David Trask notes about his unit for the AHA project, "Some of what I put online could somewhat easily appear in a Kinko's coursepack.
peer-reviewed articles published online before the print issue is completed); free electronic coursepack use; interlibrary loan (printed from electronic copy); and walk-in users.
While recent enforcement activities in the text publishing industry have focused on illegal coursepack distribution in the academic market, the new allegations against Medical Review Services and LMS Information Services highlight the illegal use of copyright-protected materials in the corporate environment.
Several different types of reading materials now are provided to prospective facilitators: (1) a coursepack includes readings on community service learning, the nature and structure of contemporary university education, sociological materials relevant to particular sites, and small group leadership techniques; (2) a specially prepared loose-leaf binder contains many examples of experiential exercises facilitators can use to stimulate participation, discussion and reflection in their seminars (Herman & Knife-Gould, 2001).
a provider of full-service book manufacturing, specialty book publishing and customized coursepack services.
Each class also has a grammar book, and a coursepack that includes assignments, class exercises, and articles.
Recently, digital advances have made it possible for faculty to access and assemble resources using Internet-based applications and databases, such as the services and content provided by XanEdu, a leading CoursePack development provider and a division of ProQuest Information & Learning.