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 (kŭv′ə-năn-tē′, -nən-)
The party to whom the promise in a covenant is made.


(Law) the person to whom the promise in a covenant is made


(ˌkʌv ə nənˈti, -næn-)

a person to whom something is promised in a covenant.
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protect the covenantee in the enjoyment of the legitimate fruits of the
Moxhay was probably confident of victory as before this case covenants were not enforced when there was no privity of contract between the covenantee and a new owner of the burdened property.
On appeal, the Second District Court of Appeal noted that "a covenantee may recover attorney's fees incurred in a suit to maintain or defend title against a third party occasioned by the covenantor's breach of covenant.
Unless the covenantee has a legitimate interest to be protected by the agreement, the law will not enforce such a contract, since this would merely prohibit ordinary competition.
A covenant is a contract in which the covenanter makes a promise to a covenantee to do or not do some action.
Or, alternatively, its importance may be too great for the covenantee to agree to its release.