cover story

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cover story

1. A featured story in a magazine that concerns the image on the cover.
2. A false story intended to deceive or mislead: The spy's cover story required posing as a diplomat.

cov′er sto`ry

a magazine article highlighted by an illustration on the cover.
قِصّه الغِلاف
hlavní článek
novinový článok na prvej strane
kapak konusu


(ˈkavə) verb
1. to put or spread something on, over or in front of. They covered (up) the body with a sheet; My shoes are covered in paint.
2. to be enough to pay for. Will 10 dollars cover your expenses?
3. to travel. We covered forty miles in one day.
4. to stretch over a length of time etc. His diary covered three years.
5. to protect. Are we covered by your car insurance?
6. to report on. I'm covering the race for the local newspaper.
7. to point a gun at. I had him covered.
1. something which covers, especially a cloth over a table, bed etc. a table-cover; a bed-cover; They replaced the cover on the manhole.
2. something that gives protection or shelter. The soldiers took cover from the enemy gunfire; insurance cover.
3. something that hides. He escaped under cover of darkness.
ˈcoverage (-ridʒ) noun
1. the amount of protection given by insurance. insurance coverage.
2. the extent of the inclusion of items in a news report etc. The TV coverage of the Olympic Games was extensive.
ˈcovering noun
My car has a covering of dirt.
ˈcover-girl noun
a girl pictured on a magazine cover.
ˈcover story noun
the main story in a magazine that goes with a picture on the front cover.
ˈcover-up noun
an attempt to hide or conceal (something illegal or dishonest).
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16 issue cover story, "All the World's a Campaign," dramaturg and scholar Michele Volanksy examined how much political campaigns and theatre have in common.
com)-- Acclaimed actress and producer Vivica Fox graces the cover story of the March “Icons Issue” of Wiles Magazine.
While you're going to be reading the same valuable, informative cover stories we've always included, the cover artwork and journalistic content might seem somewhat different, as you can see in our cover story, "Congress, New Leadership, New Year = Corporate Tax Reform?
Fiji Airways, Fiji s National Airline, has today announced the appointment of Cover Story Limited, producers of Fiji-based Mai Life and Travel magazines, as publisher of its redesigned inflight magazine FijiTime.
Reaction to Alison Knopf's insightful cover story on unethical practices in some private addiction treatment centers started pouring in well before this magazine issue reached your mailbox.
Staff writer Connie Wardle took the award this year for her April 2011 cover story about South Sudanese refugees living in Calgary.
Our cover story of that issue was a perfect example of that spirit.
Whether focusing on chlorine poisoning the Great Lakes in a July/August 1993 cover story, global water pollution and scarcity in a September/ October 1998 feature, or looking at America's most endangered rivers in a May/June 2001 cover story, E has spilled a lot of ink on the state of the world's fresh water supplies.
CW, September-October 2007 One of the graphics that accompanied the "Taking the Long View" cover story was credited to the wrong source.
Our May cover story described the growing demand for instrumentation within the burgeoning biofuels sector.
THAT WAS A TREMENDOUS COVER story highlighting the "Top 50 Power Brokers in Hollywood.