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n. often coveralls
A loose-fitting one-piece work garment worn to protect clothes.


1. a thing that covers something entirely
2. (Clothing & Fashion) (usually plural) protective outer garments for the body


(ˈkʌv ərˌɔl)

Often, coveralls. a one-piece work garment worn over other clothing as protection.
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Noun1.coverall - a loose-fitting protective garment that is worn over other clothing
dust coat, gaberdine, smock, duster, gabardine - a loose coverall (coat or frock) reaching down to the ankles
jumper - a coverall worn by children
boilers suit, boilersuit, overall - a loose protective coverall or smock worn over ordinary clothing for dirty work
protective garment - clothing that is intended to protect the wearer from injury
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The focus of the effort was to identify alternative fabrics for incorporation into a coverall design and to improve protection against falling molten metal, improve durability to extend wear life and to enhance comfort through fabric selection with regard to improved breathability, flexibility and other human factor considerations.
The coverall is a mix of the men's traditional Arab gown and coverall where the ankle-to-ankle zipper would transform the coverall from one form to the other.
To do her business, she had to remove the entire coverall inside.
To help combat these problems, Floeire, part of the Nomex Partner Program, has designed and patented the new FallX fall arrest suit, a coverall made from DUPONT Nomex Comfort that combines a harness and a flame resistant coverall.
Their brilliant idea of increasing their Nightly Coverall from $500 to an amazing $1000 Cash has all the players on their toes every night, crossing their fingers hoping to be the lucky one to take home this generous $1000 prize.
Proper stowage of the vapor protective coverall (VPC), like any damage control gear, is critical in ensuring the component is ready for emergency use.
Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System, a franchiser of commercial cleaning businesses, has signed a preferred vendor agreement with Anytime Fitness, a 24-hour, co-ed fitness franchise.
These non-sterile coveralls follow the company's recent introduction of a sterile Kimtech Pure A5 Cleanroom Coverall.
TYPE OF BUSINESS: Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System(sin) is Cleaning for the Unseen(sin) to reduce the spread of illness in workplace environments.
Buy the suit in the camo pattern of your choice and then add a 600-denier waterfowl camo shell, a snow-white coverall, or a snow camo coverall.
Also made with NOMEX, the new coverall has an elastic back waist and adjustment tabs to customize fit, decrease bulk, and increase maneuverability for armored vehicle crews.
Belgian firm TVH is to include Coverall PVC and Canvas Ltd's wheel cover in its parts catalogue, which is distributed worldwide.