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Noun1.covered stadium - a stadium that has a roofcovered stadium - a stadium that has a roof    
sports stadium, stadium, arena, bowl - a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
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in the summer months, the covered stadium should be used as an inline hockey venue.
And the renowned American designer has taken to Twitter to explain why the idea of a covered stadium does NOT appeal to him.
Bowlers and administrators fear that a covered stadium will affect the swing bowling.
Menorca believes the leadership has squandered a lot of money on a private Airbus jetliner and the construction of the Philippine Arena, the biggest covered stadium in the world, built to celebrate the INC's centennial in 2014.
As Day One came to a close, the gathering effectively and comprehensively covered stadium technologies, security protocols, legacy programmes and more -- looking at both regional and global case studies and demands.
com/) LA Observed and a board member of the city's 2024 Olympic bid, said having a covered stadium with the features and capabilities of the Inglewood plan (whose presentation by Kroenke and chief operating officer Kevin Demoff reportedly had other owners "(http://profootballtalk.
Rugby Forsyth Barr Stadium seats 30,000 and is New Zealand's only covered stadium and, in a world-first, is the only permanently covered stadium with real grass growing under its space-age transparent roof.
But board spokesman Toni Freixa said on the club's website the choice was to build a covered stadium on land owned by the University of Barcelona or a "profound remodelling" project.
It includes a covered stadium and decking area with solar powered roof to watch the games on a flatscreen Sony TV, a mini football pitch, a hot tub, BBQ and football lampshades which serve as hanging baskets.
The kick-off parade is on the first Friday in July and then for 10 days the Calgary Stampede lays claim to highly-prized rodeo competitions, a huge agricultural fair, various country and rock stars performing in a covered stadium known as the Saddledome (it's shaped like a saddle), and copious amounts of beer, flowing freely in bars across the city.
Find or create a modern, seated and covered stadium of 6,000- 10,000 capacity in or close to a large population centre.
Some of her most notable projects include the Brooklyn Arena in New York, a 22,000-seat arena, office tower and residential building development, the Ford Field in Detroit, MI, a $300 million, 65,000-seat covered stadium and the Qwest Center Omaha in Omaha, NE, a 340,000 s/f, 17,000-seat facility.