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 (kŭv′ər-chər, -cho͝or′)
a. A covering; a shelter.
b. The state of being concealed; disguise.
2. Law The status of a married woman under common law.

[Middle English, from Old French, from covert, covered; see covert.]


1. (Law) law the condition or status of a married woman considered as being under the protection and influence of her husband
2. rare shelter, concealment, or disguise
[C13: from Old French, from covert covered; see covert]


(ˈkʌv ər tʃər)

1. a cover or covering; shelter; concealment.
2. the legal status of a married woman.


Law. the status of a married woman.
See also: Women
the status of a married woman.
See also: Law
References in classic literature ?
as indeed she had, very often), and that she never knew in his lifetime how the money went, but that if he had confided in her they might all have been better off that day; with other bitter recollections common to most married ladies, either during their coverture, or afterwards, or at both periods.
The wife had no right to incur any substantial expenditure during her covertures without her husband's permission.
We use covertures, the purest form of chocolate that requires lots of care in handling," he says.