cow pasture

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Noun1.cow pasture - a pasture for cowscow pasture - a pasture for cows      
grazing land, ley, pasture, pastureland, lea - a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock
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Well, not quite the jungle; sort of a tired, smelly cow pasture if truth be told, where bloated mammals fart, belch, and regurgitate cliches, promises, and critiques few can be bothered to pay attention to anymore.
People said it was a cow pasture with no future," said Renee Plummer, vice president of marketing.
COTTAGE GROVE - Police chased down a middle-age man in a cow pasture Friday and charged him with possession of methamphetamine, trespassing, resisting arrest and eluding police.
Thus by 1861, when the Civil War began, the Washington Monument was a mere stump -- just 152 feet high -- sitting in the middle of a cow pasture located west of what is now the National Mall.
Earlier I had fired in cow pasture turkey shoots and put my share of butterballs in the freezer.
The Shrubberies in Cannon Park has grassy mounds and a series of wooden posts installed to act as a barricade against caravans and other vehicles accessing the former cow pasture land.
On I went, following the curving road along the wire fence that divides the cow pasture from the meadow and runs parallel to the train tracks.
After finishing his own chores each day, ten-year-old Billy walks two miles to Eli's place, where they spend time together, talking and laughing, while Billy helps the elderly man tend to his garden, work in his barn, or mend fences out in a cow pasture.
the students noticed large numbers of females feeding on apple pomace in a field adjacent to the cow pasture where they were observing flies on dung pats.
IDI's main purpose is to acquire, hold and develop land to support businesses, and it had owned the cow pasture that would become Bookcliff Technology Park for more than a decade, said Diane Schwenke, IDI's administrator and the chamber's president and CEO.
Telephone engineer Ray Elmore recalled just how rural the setting was at the transmitter site: "At the time the location of the two original towers on Geyer Road north of Manchester was a big cow pasture grown up in weeds and brush, and there were no circuits out there.
Incremental success proved intoxicating as Wilbur and Orville worked to perfect their flying machines in an Ohio cow pasture pretentiously named Huffman Prairie.