cow pie

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Noun1.cow pie - fecal matter of a cow
droppings, dung, muck - fecal matter of animals
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As cow pie was not available and the little-known Kiwi speciality, mince on toast, sounded terrifying, she requested the sweetcorn fritters with extra feta cheese.
The plentiful menu boasts pub grub favourites like homemade chicken curry, homemade cow pie, corned beef pie and a raft of steak and burger choices.
As Microgram's editor complained, "Many things that would have been better left buried in obscurity--like smoking bufo toad skins, sniffing concentrated cow pie fumes, allowing yourself to be stung by scorpions, smoking jimson weed or salvia divinorum, drinking cough syrups, mixing up concoctions of any of dozens of different kinds of drugs and pharmaceuticals, drinking ayahuasca tea, etc.
I've come for the Desperate Dan Cow Pie, 4lb of pastry and meat delivered hot from the kitchen to my "reinforced table".
It's not strictly Birmingham but it's well worth the 25-minute drive to Tipton to rise to the cow pie challenge.
My immature mind pictured him as a sort of Geordie Desperate Dan, bending gas lamps and eating cow pie from Greggs along the way.
at Viking Sal Senior Center; tickets are $5 for adults and $2 for children 12 and younger; Cow Pie Bingo at Junction City High School; cost is $5 for each ticket (square), $50 for 12 tickets (square); for tickets, contact Teresa Brown at 541-517-2289 or Marilyn Pollard at 541-514-9897.
So buff he's obviously a cow pie and spuds man, Kal finally sleeps with Leanne on Wednesday.
Honourable mentions for the cow pie at Doncaster and the hog roast at Moseley, but the crusty Cornish was the runaway leader in our nationwide scran survey.
I hoped the judges would smile at the horns on my cow pie, but you really had to think outside the box.
You stay and have a couple of platefuls of cow pie.
Pass the last slice of cow pie - Desperate Dan has gone virtual.