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Exhibiting the characteristics of a coward, particularly ignoble fear: a cowardly surrender.

cow′ard·li·ness n.
cow′ard·ly adv.
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Noun1.cowardliness - the trait of lacking courage
spirit - a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character
cravenness - meanspirited cowardice
fearfulness - the trait of being afraid
dastardliness - despicable cowardice




(ˈkauəd) noun
a person who shows fear easily or is easily frightened. I am such a coward – I hate going to the dentist.
ˈcowardly adjective
ˈcowardice (-dis) noun
ˈcowardliness noun
References in classic literature ?
The cruel cowardliness of the power-drunk creature whose malignant mind conceived such frightful forms of torture stirred to their uttermost depths my resentment and my manhood.
He kept his love of horsemanship, but he rarely allowed himself a day's hunting; and when he did so, it was remarkable that he submitted to be laughed at for cowardliness at the fences, seeming to see Mary and the boys sitting on the five-barred gate, or showing their curly heads between hedge and ditch.
I have an impression that nobody cares whose land archbishop Timotej is protecting so persistently --whether it is church, state or land under the protection of the United Nations or if he is defending us all from the cowardliness that we are not allowed to say--wait men of power, guzzlers, not everything in this country is yours.
26) How much more so when lying is covering up for evil, transgressions, cowardliness, injustice.
According to the caliph, these are stinginess (bukhl), haughtiness (zahw), and cowardliness (jubn), qualities detestable in a man.
He encouraged the local channels to avoid delivering fabricated, false information and prevent themselves from getting involved in violating copyrights, staying away from laziness, cowardliness, hatred, or any criminal act.
Addressing a press conference here, he strongly condemned drone attack in Hangu and said Thursday's drone attack was carried out in settled area of the country for the first time and US has got courage to attack anywhere in the country including its capital due to cowardliness of Pakistan government.
as a country--and that has been nothing but a burden to Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, on all political fronts, from its recklessness in Egypt, cowardliness in Syria, to humiliating rapprochement with Iran.
Here we have residents recount their taking care of the wounded, ignoring the whole situation, wondering at the cowardliness of some people, responding to the advancement of soldiers, trying to get normal work done in the midst of the revolt, looting, play-acting, weeping (including crocodile tears), and praising God for keeping a young girl's soul.
He said the assassination attempt on life of Malala Yousafzai and her fellow students is a manifestation of the same brutality and cowardliness.
You, your husband, your colleagues, and the station that supports you must be commended for the responsible use of your place in the public eye, for speaking out against such acts of cowardliness.
Needless to say she was screaming at her assailants who were taking photos of the incident with their latest "high tech" cameras and mobiles probably to post their cowardliness online.