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1. A bell hung from a collar around a cow's neck.
2. A bell that is used as a percussion instrument by being struck with a stick.


1. (Agriculture) a bell hung around a cow's neck so that the cow can be easily located
2. (Instruments) a metal percussion instrument usually mounted on the bass drum or hand-held and struck with a drumstick
3. (Plants) US another name for bladder campion



a bell hung around a cow's neck to indicate its whereabouts.


A small bell hung around a cow’s neck to help find the cow when it was in a timbered pasture.
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Noun1.Cowbell - a bell hung around the neck of cow so that the cow can be easily locatedcowbell - a bell hung around the neck of cow so that the cow can be easily located
bell - a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck


[ˈkaʊbel] Ncencerro m


[ˈkaʊbɛl] ncloche f de vache
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It took me by surprise, for I had forgotten the COWBELL in the excitement of succeeding events, and I now saw myself on the edge of the pit I had digged.
Here his Honor took up the morning's COWBELL and ran his eye up and down a column I knew was mine.
Dan was full of a wild idea that we should all meet them at the gate, armed with cowbells and tin-pans, and "charivari" them up the lane.
Huddersfield's away backing has been a positive talking point all year, with the Cowbell Army band helping to add to the electric atmosphere at the top-flight fixtures.
Handmade pearl and leather cowbell necklace-Waters Edge by Emily Leiter, $40; R.
It was a hugely important gathering of clinical veterinarians, researchers, scientists and students and it's been over 20 years since this conference was held in the UK - I even opened the conference by ringing a large Swedish cowbell, something of a tradition, it then gets passed to the next city to host the event, a bit like passing on the Olympic Torch
We were blown away by City Barbeque's More Cowbell (hilarious name).
The celebrities taking part in The Jump compete in a total of eight challenging winter sports disciplines to get their hands on the coveted Cowbell Trophy.
Rumours have been circulating for a while now about which celebrities would be brave enough to tackle the slopes in an attempt to take the Cowbell Trophy from last year's winner former X Factor winner Joe McElderry, but the 16 brave souls have now been confirmed.
A beautiful acoustic version of Seaside led by lead singer Luke Pritchard left the crowd swaying along before the band got everyone dancing again with the R'n'B-inspired Westside (was that a cowbell I heard?
Indeed no longer a solo artist, the name now applies to a whole band - Dean Ingram (vocals), Becky Lawless (vocals), Sam Clay (guitar), Nathan Gummery (guitar), Edward Gulliver (bass) and James Connelly (drums and cowbell enthusiast
Green Onions, powered by Booker T`s trademark Hammond Organ and Soul Limbo, a song well known to cricket fans, with its infectious cowbell and Calypso driven rhythm courtesy of drummer Darian Gray and former Dan Reed Network bassist Melvin Brannon Jr.