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(kō-rīt′) or co-write
tr.v. co·wrote (-rōt′), co·writ·ten (-rĭt′n), co·writ·ing, co·writes or co-wrote or co-writ·ten or co-writ·ting or co-writes
To write jointly or in collaboration with another author.

co′writ·er n.


vb (tr) , -writes, -writing, -wrote or -written
(Journalism & Publishing) to write (something) in collaboration with another writer
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Red Dog (PG, 92 mins) Louis de Bernieres cowrites this adaptation of his own book for director Kriv Stenders.
Ambitious drama from Billy Crystal who cowrites, directs and stars as ageing stand-up comic Buddy Young looking back on his glory years as he plays to tiny crowds in nursing homes.
It stars Adrian Edmondson (who also cowrites with Nigel Smith) as the unfortunate Vernon.
Three Dancing Slaves (July 22, New York City, Los Angeles): Gael Morel (the pillow-lipped star of Wild Reeds) cowrites and directs this erotic French story of three brothers.
Super Troopers (15)100mins Released yesterday and in Cardiff cinemas nowJAY Chandrasekhar directs, cowrites and stars in this goofy comedy about an inept group of local police whose favourite past time involves playing tricks on motorists.
Her vocal style is somewhat quirky, occasionally whiney, but often perfectly suited to the songs she cowrites with producer Rick Neigher.