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(kō-rīt′) or co-write
tr.v. co·wrote (-rōt′), co·writ·ten (-rĭt′n), co·writ·ing, co·writes or co-wrote or co-writ·ten or co-writ·ting or co-writes
To write jointly or in collaboration with another author.

co′writ·er n.


vb (tr) , -writes, -writing, -wrote or -written
(Journalism & Publishing) to write (something) in collaboration with another writer
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Resume: Four times Oscar-nominated, this year for Patch Adams; scored countless hits, including In & Out, A Few Good Men, and Sister Act; two Grammy nominations; an Emmy for cowriting Billy Crystal's Oscar medleys; contributed to longtime collaborator Bette Midler's Emmy-winning appearance on the final Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Next: The Out-of-Towners, the South Park movie, and Rob Reiner's The Story of Us Out in action: Most proud to have directed music for AIDS Project Los Angeles's Commitment to Life VII, featuring Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Whitney Houston, Angela Lansbury, Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, and Bruce Springsteen, which raised $5 million
Vachon is also awaiting two more scripts from her stable of talent: Dan Minahan (who cowrote Warhol) is finishing a script about fashion designer Halston, and Harron and Guinevere Turner are cowriting a biopic on pinup legend Bettie Page.
The couple are cowriting the series, which premieres this month.
He followed that by cowriting The Jerk, a huge success in 1979.
Brit nominated Kosheen have recently prepared their fourth album with Sian cowriting their songs.
Now, Aja and Levasseur squander their talents on this derivative game of cat and mouse around a deserted car park, cowriting the flawed screenplay with first-time director Franck Khalfoun.
Julia, 20, a third-year degree student at Warrington Collegiate Institute, is cowriting and performing in a play tackling domestic violence.
Almost immediately the three were cowriting and then onstage together, Nettles at the main mike with Bush and Hall backing her on guitar, mandolin, and harmonies.
John Waters makes a cameo appearance, which should tell you something about the sensibility of out writer-director Don Mancini, who paid his dues by writing or cowriting every installment in the Chucky saga.
Imagine Morris West and Marlo Puzo cowriting The Shoes of the Godfather, and you've got the general thrust of this entertaining fictional account of the Machiavellian machinations behind the election of a pro-feminist pontiff who must face the wrath of right-wing reactionaries.
With Merkl and Anderson cowriting most of the melodies, Iffy's debut album, Biota Bondo (on Warner-distributed Foodchain), began winning raves last year from the likes of the Los Angeles Times and its hometown Minneapolis Star Tribune, which hailed the recording as 2001's Local Album of the Year.