cows' milk

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Noun1.cows' milk - milk obtained from dairy cows
milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
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Coia JE, Johnston Y, Steers NJ and MF Hanson A survey of the prevalence of Escherichia coli 0157 in raw meats, raw cows' milk and raw-milk cheeses in south-east Scotland.
Cholesterol content in cows' milk ranges from 5g in nonfat milk to 24 g in whole milk.
It found almost half of mothers (46%) use toddler, or "growing up", milk, despite health professionals regularly advising parents that a healthy d h iet including cows' milk provides a young child's required nutrition.
The production of cows' milk for April 2011 decreased to 12,750 tons from 12,960 tons in the previous month.
Cows' milk requires 35% less total calories to generate 1 pound growth in a calf.
Eleven per cent believed follow-on milk and cows' milk have equal benefits, but cows' milk doesn't contain all the nutrients needed and shouldn't be used as a main drink until a baby is one year old.
A There are a number of different conditions where people have an abnormal reaction to cows' milk, including cows' milk allergy, cows' milk protein intolerance and lactose intolerance.
A mother who makes goats' milk fudge because of her children's intolerance to cows' milk has now gone into business.
Egg and cows' milk hypersensitivity in exclusively breast fed infants with eczema, and detection of egg protein in breast milk.
A new cattle-feed supplement that dramatically boosts the content of unsaturated fatty acids over saturated fats in cows' milk has been developed by researchers at the University of California, Davis.
St Helen's Farm is launching a branded cows' milk which it says is an to aid sleep.