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abbreviation for
(Chemistry) compound


abbreviation for
(Education) continuing professional development


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Frank Fahrenkopf, the former RNC chair and co-chairman of the CPD has repeatedly promised the American people that the CPD would announce its polling criteria for 2016 a full year in advance of the debates.
We are honoured by this opportunity to provide professional development and acknowledge QCHP's initiatives in CPD as important to Qatar's goals in healthcare," said Dr Kim Critchley, UCQ dean and CEO.
Specialising in building premium quality truck and van bodies, the latest success means CPD will have trebled its turnover in just two years as the firm continues its rapid expansion.
The NZIMLS CPD programme has two components: a compulsory competence sign off, and participation in professional development activities.
Ayala noted that on the second day of the interrogation, the CPD administered a lie detector test and released him.
Wholesale auctions at the Central Market are closely monitored by the CPD of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to ensure fair pricing and prevent sale of substandard products.
It is already a requirement for all those who are registered as Chartered Environmentalist to provide evidence of their CPD annually when renewing their registration and the IED will be encouraging all members to follow suit, to ensure the standards for registered engineers remain high.
The objective of this study is to examine the attitudes and satisfaction levels of rural accountants when completing their CPD requirements through a rural professional body.
All SAMA CPD certificates (whether for annual conferences, branch meetings or workshops) are already available online on the MPC CPD platform and moving all active HMPG online CPD questionnaires to the same platform will mean that all SAMA member CPD certificates will be issued in one central, convenient location--resulting in less admin for our CPD clients.
Some home studying and in-clinic training counts as CPD.
Nurses and midwives are responsible for keeping and calculating records of CPD hours, the records kept should include dates, a brief description of the activity undertaken and the outcomes as well as the hours spent in each activity.
He described that in order to implement the CPD framework, PEC had devised a three-pronged strategy which was to organize short courses, seminars and training for engineers in different disciplines and to encourage professional bodies all over the country for registering them to impart CPD activities.