crab cocktail

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Noun1.crab cocktail - a cocktail of cold cooked crabmeat and a sauce
cocktail - an appetizer served as a first course at a meal
crabmeat, crab - the edible flesh of any of various crabs
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At The Podium branch, I started with a crab meat appetizer, chunks of fresh crab meat with a simple crab cocktail sauce.
Over on my dining partner's side of the table, another seafood starter, a crab cocktail (Dh140), wasn't as successful.
CRAB COCKTAIL is best, 4 3 tbs mayon Serves naise (homemade as good) but Hellman's is nearly ketchup to taste 1 tbs Heinz tomato to taste sauce, Dash of Tabasco Dash of Lea and Perrins sauce, Maldon 2 tbs brandy salt and cream, 2 tbs double ground black pepper freshly shredded lettuce, Iceberg (optional) Fresh tarragon 400g fresh white crab meat crab meat 2 00g fresh brown
The Skelton angler, 46, tempted the 11lb cod on a bait of lugworm and peeler crab cocktail fished around 80 to 90 yards out at Runswick Bay.
Tony's crab cocktail came in a large martini glass - a retro nod back to the prawn cocktails I used to prepare as a teenage waitress.
I went for the Whitby crab cocktail with a crab cappuccino and tomato biscotti to start while Chris went for the salmon three ways blini, horseradish and fennel.
Reed's first course was a mounded crab cocktail marinated with a margarita vinaigrette with micro greens.
ON THE MENU: I started with crab cocktail then chose the chargrilled sirloin steak.
I've served my prawn and crab cocktail in a nice bowl but you can go with tradition and put it in a glass if you wish.
From Pecan Stucky Buns; Mini Cheese Quiche; and Sunday Chicken Casserole; to Oven Fried Chicken Fillets, Crab Cocktail Quickies; and Country Fruit Pie, "51 Fast And Fun Packaged Dough Recipes" offers even the most novice kitchen cook fool-proof, step-by-step instructions for turning ordinary fare into true mealtime magic
The Fairmont Olympic Hotel's Shuckers oyster bar is typical, offering steamed clams, crab cocktail, chili spice popcorn shrimp, creamy chowder, tuna and tempura prawns.