crab-eating raccoon

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Noun1.crab-eating raccoon - a South American raccooncrab-eating raccoon - a South American raccoon    
racoon, raccoon - an omnivorous nocturnal mammal native to North America and Central America
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The crab-eating raccoon is a mammal of the Procyonidae family, of wide geographic distribution, occupying all national biomes, and one of the least studied Brazilian carnivores (MORATO et al.
Surveillance data indicated that these deaths were the consequence of exposure to bats (four deaths), a crab-eating raccoon (Procyon cancrivorous [guaximini; one death), and the white-tufted-ear marmoset (Callithrix jacchus jacchus [sagui]; eight deaths).
At Manuel Antonio National Park (where the fateful zip-line ride occurred), we hiked the park's Sloth Valley Trail, observing crab-eating raccoons, monkeys, sac-winged bats and the trail's namesake, a three-toed sloth.