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crab·stick 1

A long, slender loaf of white surimi colored red on the outside to resemble a piece of crabmeat.

crab·stick 2

A stick or cudgel made of crabapple wood, especially when used as an instrument of punishment.


1. a stick, cane, or cudgel made of crab-apple wood
2. informal a bad-tempered person



1. a cane or club made of wood of the crab tree.
2. Older Use. an ill-tempered person.
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Mark had a Chester roll, a stunning combination of Katzu prawn, crabstick, avocado and spicy mayonnaise rolled in crispy tempura crumbs.
The orange fish roe on the top and crabstick eyes often makes the Caterpillar a children's favourite.
The `Californian roll' is a combination of crabstick and avocado.
There was a selection of deep fried king prawns, crabstick, chicken and squid in breadcrumbs, which was served with a delicious fruity katsu sauce.
Behind the Daffy Duck smile and customary tennis net veil, there lurked a greedy, bossy, old crabstick.
Put the salmon, crab, crabstick, prawn, avocado, cucumber and any other ingredients onto a separate serving plate.
The Sumo Anniversary Roll has crabstick, asparagus and zucchini and is topped with salmon mayonnaise, while Korean-style beef bulgogi, a stir-fry with enoki, carrots and onions joins the hot dishes.
For playing Chinese Patience and Gin Rummy, for trips to New Brighton and crabstick butties, for memories to which we will always cling, thank you Nan for everything.
However, we settled for Ginza which comprised of unagi (freshwater eel), avocado, cucumber and crabstick and Vampire maki rolls, which featured crunchy tuna and avocado.
70) which was sensational - a huge bowl of soup and noodles, with half a boiled egg surrounded by a colourful array of seaweed, prawn, crabstick, Japanese fish cake, chicken, fried tofu, greensand spring onions.
Admiral Rous sneaks in for the weight-for-age system, and so does Barry Cope for the crabstick.
Piles of Beluga caviar, vintage Champagne on tap and more lobster than you can shake a crabstick at give the whole weekend an air of unattainable luxury.