crack shot

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Noun1.crack shot - someone skilled in shootingcrack shot - someone skilled in shooting    
deadeye - a dead shot
franc-tireur - a sharpshooter (in the French army)
rifleman - someone skilled in the use of a rifle
shooter, shot - a person who shoots (usually with respect to their ability to shoot); "he is a crack shot"; "a poor shooter"
sniper - a marksman who shoots at people from a concealed place
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If you're a crack shot equal to the action stars in Hollywood movies, your sling will suffice for rifle stability.
Proving to be something of a crack shot, he scored more than 20 hits holding the weapon with just one hand.
PROS Years of experience in forensic medicine; also a crack shot.
A crack shot and possessed of an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the technical facets of shooting, he lists his major influences as former G&A publisher Tom Siatos and editors Red Bell and Garry James, but Payton has a style all his own.
After all, if your prospective mother-in-law is a crack shot, you'd be fearful of losing your meat and two veg, wouldn't you?
Rifles are a big deal at The Arsenal; the best shooter at the school is named First Shot, an honor David thinks he has wrapped up until a new girl named Misty comes to the school and proves to be a crack shot herself.
A keen supporter of the Red Cross and a former crack shot, Viscountess Ridley, died on October 16.
FILM version of the first book in Anthony Horowitz's best-selling series about linguist, scuba diver, mountaineer, crack shot and martial arts expert Alex Rider (Alex Pettyfer, right), who works for the Special Operations Division of MI6, under the control of spy master Mr Blunt (Bill Nighy).
Although a crack shot and an expert woodsman, the handsome Lewis occasionally drops his Indian trade beads in his journals.
CRACK SHOT Kerry forward Colm Cooper admits he's a marked man after his dramatic introduction to championship football this year.
He excelled at combat training at Fort Ord, near Monterey, and was a crack shot with a machine gun.
Both are women making it on their own, and it is rumored by many that Regan, in true noir damsel fashion, is a crack shot with a pearl-handled, snub-nosed revolver.