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n. Slang
A heavy user of crack cocaine.


(Recreational Drugs) slang a person addicted to the drug crack


Slang. a habitual user of cocaine in the form of crack.


[ˈkrækˌhed] Nadicto/a m/f al crack
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An alcoholic crackhead on a gambling tear, he's the kind of guy with one hand on his dick and another that's always in some shmuck's pocket.
Washington, Dec 25 (ANI): A guest on popular American television channel Fox News passed indecent comments on President Barack Obama, suggesting "he looks like a skinny ghetto crackhead.
If Biggles doesn't want to do it or gets cold feet or he thinks I'm still a crackhead, what am I going to do?
When questioned by officers after her arrest Gill said she had no idea how the money came into her account and added: "You would have spent it too if you were a crackhead.
Nicknamed "The Forest Gump of the Modern Art World" because of the chance encounters which have propelled his career, Victor-Hugo has caught the attention of Hollywood notables including HBO's Bill Maher, Andrew Dice Clay, and director/producer Alison Martino, with his bizarre story of the Crackhead Jesus Trials.
THIS horrific new close-up of crackhead Pete Doherty proves how years of drug abuse have taken their toll.
How appropriate, since the crackhead has made a shambles of his life through babies.
Another mutual friend, the erratic and unwashed crackhead Ryan, is a problem for everyone.
Neither Limbaugh nor Bauer's crackhead will shake their addictions on their own.
Miss Marple will probably have a couple of crackhead relatives, drive an untaxed car, watch porn, and throw her rubbish over next door's garden.
Told mainly through the eyes of its crackhead anti-hero, named Black, the story centers on the murder of a Latino city councilman in a condemned drug house.