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or crack′ house`,

a place where cocaine in the form of crack is bought, sold, and smoked.
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A CRACKHOUSE that was once the scene of a brutal murder has been shut down by police.
It is the seventh crackhouse closure order executed in Wirral, but the first on a privately-owned home.
Solicitor Stephen Mooney, who made the application on behalf of the police, told the court: "It is known as a crackhouse order and is aimed at properties which have become drug dens.
People living near a former crackhouse have welcomed plans to convert the building into flats.
Police are targeting the second suspected crackhouse in the County Durham village.
A CRACKHOUSE which blighted the lives of neighbours has been shut down and its tenant evicted.
A cardiff crackhouse has been shut down after neighbours complained it was a magnet for prostitutes and drug users.
But such is the sanitised, calorie-counting culture we are now immersed in that news of neighbouring takeaways is delivered with a gravitas usually afforded to the discovery of a crackhouse close to primary schools.
Favreau joined his roommates and walked in the rain to the dilapidated three-story tenement on Southbridge Street, the home they affectionately referred to as "the crackhouse.
A FAMILY has been kicked out of their home as the police succeeded in closing down another Teesside crackhouse.
Zoe Watson, who lost her home under a crackhouse order, was one of three drug users caught up in the operation to rid Derwentside of dealers, Durham Crown Court was told.
First photo in Thrasher: I think it was Jesus Fernandez skating in front of a crackhouse in Compton