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adj. crack·li·er, crack·li·est
Likely to crackle; crisp.


adj, cracklier or crackliest
1. having a series of slight sharp noises
2. (Telecommunications) telecomm affected by noises caused by interference


(ˈkræk li)

adj. -li•er, -li•est.
crackling or tending to crackle: crackly wrapping paper.
مُشَوَّش، مليء بالطَّقْطَقَـه
léleg móttökuskilyrîi, truflanir


[ˈkrækəlɪ] ADJ [phone line, noise] → chirriante, chisporroteante


(ˈkrakl) verb
to make a continuous cracking noise. The dry branches crackled under my feet as I stepped on them.
the crackle of burning wood.
ˈcrackling noun
the crisp rind of roast pork.
ˈcrackly adjective
The radio reception is very crackly here.
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I heard a malignant, crackly laugh by the fire, and turning, beheld that odious Joseph standing rubbing his bony hands, and quivering.
He looked at the night, and shook himself to throw off an oppressive sensation of being clasped in the icy ribs of the air, for the mercury had descended below the familiar region of crisp and crackly cold and marked a temperature at which the numb atmosphere seemed on the point of congealing into black solidity.
The title needs a bit of work,granted -but just imagine the content such a concept could generate: a crackly recording of Dylan Thomas reading Under Milk Wood; Catherine Zeta Jones before the accent got her; Lloyd George's Welfare State; THAT Gareth Edwards try (Ihate rug by -but THAT try is the finest example ever of sport as ballet); Caerphilly Cheese(whey sex for the tongue); theFemidom (anotable Welsh invention); Portmeirion(Ialways wanted to be a number)and,AND, top of the heap,at Un -for me at least -not Snowdonia,not Howard Marks,not the Mabinogion,not Roald Dahl,but Gorky's Zygotic Mynci.
The influence of folk music was felt at a young age, according to Brown: "When I was eight years old, John Denver's crackly Rocky Mountain High LP infected me with a disease from which I never recovered--a desire to play guitar and sing for people.
The radical anachronism of this style is wedded to empurpled dialogue, crackly, muffled sound tracks, and a playhouse aesthetic in costume and set design, in which everything looks handmade, outsize, and illogical, keyed to the (soap) operatic passions and masochistic emotions of Maddin's bushy-browed characters.
Don't be misled by Daniels' understated, crackly voice; he is excellent.
The metallic inner foil round the Bites was like wrapping paper -- pretty and crackly.
The abandoned, crackly brown exoskeletons often give people their first clue that cicadas have emerged.
Forget slick, this propulsive animation places the glory of the grainy, crackly, hissing material medium of film at the centre of its aesthetic universe.
A crackly radio and landmarks on the ground also helped Earhart find her way.
The national restaurant chain, popular for its crackly crust flatbread and open-flame ovens, has always been a healthier alternative to some fast food chains, but is constantly evolving to fit the needs of their customers.