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adj. crack·li·er, crack·li·est
Likely to crackle; crisp.


adj, cracklier or crackliest
1. having a series of slight sharp noises
2. (Telecommunications) telecomm affected by noises caused by interference


(ˈkræk li)

adj. -li•er, -li•est.
crackling or tending to crackle: crackly wrapping paper.
مُشَوَّش، مليء بالطَّقْطَقَـه
léleg móttökuskilyrîi, truflanir


[ˈkrækəlɪ] ADJ [phone line, noise] → chirriante, chisporroteante


(ˈkrakl) verb
to make a continuous cracking noise. The dry branches crackled under my feet as I stepped on them.
the crackle of burning wood.
ˈcrackling noun
the crisp rind of roast pork.
ˈcrackly adjective
The radio reception is very crackly here.
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He looked at the night, and shook himself to throw off an oppressive sensation of being clasped in the icy ribs of the air, for the mercury had descended below the familiar region of crisp and crackly cold and marked a temperature at which the numb atmosphere seemed on the point of congealing into black solidity.
I heard a malignant, crackly laugh by the fire, and turning, beheld that odious Joseph standing rubbing his bony hands, and quivering.
GPs are not checking for fever, high pulse rates, crackly breath sounds and low oxygen levels, typical of the condition, say experts at the University of Southampton.
He posted an alleged recording of the one-hit wonder coming across a crackly radio.
It features the shiny Big Glitter, the deepening Big Smoky, the sparkly Big Shimmer and the crackly Big Crackle.
Lead singer Jamie Lee's vocals shift from the crackly and muted to the distinctly gruff as the guitars, percussion and keyboard chime in and out of focus.
A crackly connection on her piano during Father, Father didn't detract from the reserved power of the song and the thumping beat of main set closer That's Alright drew a huge response.
We had a couple of speaker stacks and we played guitar through them and sang through them and it sounded quite cool, quite crackly.
The Big One combines three layers of fluffy, light Jaffa Cake sponge with zingy orangey filling, all covered with a thick layer of sensational dark crackly chocolate.
Top TIPS: if your crackling isn't crackly enough, pop it under a very hot grill for a couple of minutes before serving.
and then a crackly voice will enquire whether I've considered writing a will or renewing my home insurance or promises PPI compensation.
which is easily said when you've never had to listen to Chris de Burgh's crackly voice while on hold during a lengthy phone call to British Gas, writes Michael Brear.