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1. Present or in effect throughout a person's lifetime: cradle-to-grave health care.
2. Occurring or persisting from beginning to end: "the cradle-to-grave effects on the environment of making, using and disposing of a product" (Cynthia Crossen).
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Transaction Director provides cradle-to-grave transaction
Actio will resell SciQuest's supply chain solutions including Chemical Manager to supplement its suite of CLM products providing the industry's first cradle-to-grave solution to their clients.
Dying for one's country seems remote indeed when almost every election campaign brings more cradle-to-grave promises, and when ``sacrifice'' is most often used as a sales pitch for higher taxes and nothing more.
Used extensively in product movement and logistics applications, RFID is a flexible tool for tracking materials, maintaining security and complying with increasing cradle-to-grave regulations.
Get angry at generations of girls and women who have had children they had no intention of supporting without cradle-to-grave government support.
Instead, cradle-to-grave records will be stored on discs.
It's very simple: If you want children, you first make sure you earn enough to raise them, because taxpayers are tired of financing cradle-to-grave handouts just because you wanted babies but didn't want to support them.
The European-style cradle-to-grave programs may push a change in appliance design parameters.
All services will be on an outpatient basis, and will include cradle-to-grave care, Gutierrez said.
When used in conjunction with other complementary automatic identification technologies, such as RFID, Data Matrix traceability can provide holistic and cost-effective Cradle-to-Grave traceability.