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A board or frame on which an infant is secured, as by binding or wrapping in a blanket, used by certain Native American peoples as a portable cradle and for carrying an infant on the back.
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Quite literally: Each came home from the hospital in the same wooden cradleboard, built by their father, an Italian American sculptor, and beaded by a Shoshone friend of their mother's (who ran the local trading post and is herself a member of Oklahoma's Kiowa tribe).
The Saskatchewan Cradleboard Initiative is a cross-cultural educational resource project supporting Kindergarten through Grade 8 students in science, technology, engineering and math.
She is especially enthusiastic about her Cradleboard Teaching Project, which is "a model of delivering Aboriginal education to everyone in a way that people can understand.
The objects on the ground near the cradleboard may be tubers of some sort, dug for food.
The particular Clan Mother depicted in the painting may be in the process of naming the small child who lays on a cradleboard.
When the Americans renewed their ascent of the Missouri in April, Toussaint Charbonneau and Sacagawea, carrying little Jean Baptiste in a cradleboard on her back, went with them.
One of the girls brought in a cradleboard and we went over it and tried to develop a safer way (to use it).
For teachers who would like to help their students learn about--and connect with--Native American students, the Cradleboard Teaching Project is the place to turn.
A new CD-ROM produced as part of the Cradleboard Teaching Project lets children learn basic scientific principles while teaching them about Native American history and culture.
The occipital flattening on the skull of this high-status individual indicates that he was bound to a cradleboard as an infant like any common Moche child.
She'd made a cradleboard for her daughter that elicited not only compliments but also orders from people who wanted one for their own baby or to give as gifts.
the next morning, though still running on Hawaiian time, Sainte-Marie did a two-hour presentation of her Cradleboard Teaching Project "Science Through Native American Eyes" at the Chippewas of Mnjikaning Community Centre.