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A board or frame on which an infant is secured, as by binding or wrapping in a blanket, used by certain Native American peoples as a portable cradle and for carrying an infant on the back.
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UPDATE: In 1997, Buffy Sainte-Marie founded the Cradleboard Teaching Project, a U.
The article has been updated with color photographs and text including an essa; on the importance of the Osage cradleboard by Dr.
Some degree of infant restraint, known as swaddling (also called binding or bundling), with or without the use of a cradleboard, was an almost universal childcare practice before the 18th century (Lipton, Steinschneider, & Richmond, ^65).
In the same way, the cradleboard in the "generations" piece needed some adjustment to be historically accurate, he said.
Unintentional head shaping can come about through cultural infant-care practices such as letting a baby sleep with its head constantly in a certain position on a hard surface, for example, securing the child's head on a cradleboard for long periods.
Quite literally: Each came home from the hospital in the same wooden cradleboard, built by their father, an Italian American sculptor, and beaded by a Shoshone friend of their mother's (who ran the local trading post and is herself a member of Oklahoma's Kiowa tribe).
She is especially enthusiastic about her Cradleboard Teaching Project, which is "a model of delivering Aboriginal education to everyone in a way that people can understand.
Use the glossary below to create a vocabulary activity: American Indian Caughnawaga Great moccasin tomahawk Spirit Movement (AIM) cliff hogan Mound totem dwellers Builders Anasazi comanchero Indian National tepee Territory Museum of atlatl coup Indian Wars the American travois Indian Basket Makers cradleboard Iroquois Native vision Confederacy American quest Bering Strait Dawes Act kachina Church wampum Black Hills earth lodge kiva potlatch wickiup Bureau of Indian Eastern Little Powhatan wigwam Affairs Woodlands Bighorn Confederacy (BIA) culture long house powwow Wounded Knee Cahokia Mounds Five medicine pueblo xat Civilized lodge Tribes Calumet Ghost Dance medicine sachem man Carlisle Indian sagamore School Visit www.
Visit Buffy Sainte-Marie's Cradleboard Project, with free curriculum resources, at www.
Considering the hypothesis of the use of deforming apparatus or cradleboard, a tying device probably caused this modeling.
The particular Clan Mother depicted in the painting may be in the process of naming the small child who lays on a cradleboard.