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1. Skill in doing or making something, as in the arts; proficiency. See Synonyms at skill.
2. Skill in evasion or deception; guile.
a. An occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or skilled artistry.
b. The practitioners of such an occupation or trade considered as a group.
4. pl. craft A boat, ship, aircraft, or spacecraft.
5. crafts Items made by craftspeople.
tr.v. craft·ed, craft·ing, crafts
To make or construct (something) with care or ingenuity.

[Middle English, from Old English cræft.]

craft′er n.


(Crafts) a person who does craftwork
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Noun1.crafter - a creator of great skill in the manual arts; "the jewelry was made by internationally famous craftsmen"
creator - a person who grows or makes or invents things
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State Street Global Advisors, the asset management business of State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT), has announced that Lochiel Crafter has been named head of its Global Institutional Group, effective immediately, responsible for distribution efforts across the world, the company said.
Auto Business News-March 6, 2018--Dana to provide Spicer(R) AdvanTEK(R) M180 all-wheel-drive axle to new Volkswagen Crafter 4 Motion panel van
The partnership means that I can focus on my passion for product design to offer crafters a great combination of top-quality products across a wide variety of applications and techniques, while benefitting from the business acumen and loyal retail following that Crafter's Companion has built up.
The Crafter's Guild has facilitated these shows since 2012, catering to 600 crafters and brands to date.
Synopsis: Raised on a used-car lot, showman, tour guide, food crafter, and author Charles Phoenix was destined to become the Ambassador of Americana.
In the first seven months of the year, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 286,800 vehicles from the T, Caddy, Crafter and Amarok series to customers all around the world.
Crafter Software enables the creation of rich and engaging websites, mobile applications, and multi-channel digital experiences.
Volkswagen presente une toute nouvelle generation du Crafter, son grand utilitaire qui n'est desormais plus construit en collaboration avec Mercedes.
VOLKSWAGEN Commercial Vehicles has handed the RSPCA another Crafter van, featuring one of the winning schoolchildren designs from the brand's nationwide competition.
VOLKSWAGEN got the name wrong - their Crafter should have been called Crafty.
Sophie Maletsky, a crafter and children's event planner, shows some of the range of projects that can be made with little more than scissors and tape in her book, Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects.
Another room is equipped with heavy equipment for the serious crafter, including a table saw, and a belt sander, as well as various hand tools.