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Work made or done by craftspeople.

craft′work′er n.


pl n
1. (Crafts) works of artistry or craft
2. (Crafts) the practice of a craft
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The fact that 50% of AT&T's work force during the late 1960s and early 1970s were women, at the same time that women were almost totally absent from management or craftworker positions, was assumed to be prima facie evidence that AT&T had discriminated against them.
There will also be a demonstration of the ancient tradition of corn dolly making by local craftworker, Jenny Pritchard of Elwy Crafts.
Respected craftworker Thyra Moses of the Spokane tribe (sadly, now deceased) assisted in putting together this diagram of a bead hat pattern.
A spokesman for Kirklees Building Services said: "The benefit that apprenticeship training gives us as a business is that the skills that our current workforce possess are passed onto the next generation of craftworker and this helps us to maintain a good quality of workmanship.
How and why did a craftworker make the Kahun rods so accurate to one another?
One in 8 on-call workers (1 in 5 of the women) was a teacher (presumably a substitute), and 1 in 8 workers in the on-call category (1 in 4 of the men) was a carpenter, electrician, painter, or other construction craftworker.
Having a skilled craftworker in the family may help an applicant find out about openings.
Henri van de Esschert is an accomplished craftworker living in the Netherlands.
On occasion, Parks says, he has hired people with no diving experience, but, in every such case, the person was already a skilled craftworker.
Award winners were chosen by a jury consisting of construction experts from architectural and craftworker professionals to contractors and educators.
Whether you are a Native craftworker or a re-creator, when making Native-inspired necklaces it helps to maintain ethnic identities by using types of beads preferred in specific areas before jumping into stringing necklaces.
A craftworker will be in the gallery most days, to demonstrate a craft, or to discuss the work on show.