crane's bill

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Noun1.crane's bill - any of numerous geraniums of the genus Geraniumcrane's bill - any of numerous geraniums of the genus Geranium
geranium - any of numerous plants of the family Geraniaceae
genus Geranium - genus of mostly North American geraniums: cranesbills
Geranium maculatum, spotted cranesbill, wild geranium - common wild geranium of eastern North America with deeply parted leaves and rose-purple flowers
Geranium pratense, meadow cranesbill - tall perennial cranesbill with paired violet-blue axillary flowers; native to northern parts of Old World and naturalized in North America
Geranium richardsonii, Richardson's geranium - geranium of western North America having branched clusters of white or pale pink flowers
Geranium robertianum, herb robert, herb roberts, herbs robert - a sticky low herb with small reddish-purple flowers; widespread in the northern hemisphere
Geranium viscosissimum, sticky geranium - geranium of western North America having pinkish-purple flowers in open clusters
dove's foot geranium, Geranium molle - western geranium with small pink flowers; a common weed on lawns and in vacant lots
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Blodyn arall oedd yn cael ei ddefnyddio er cof ydi gweddw galarus (Geranium phaeum; Dusky crane's bill - llun ar y dde).
The damp meadow areas have an especially rich flora including several types of orchid, cuckoo-flower and meadow crane's bill.
Plants such as yellow rattle, common bent, eyebright, wood crane's bill, ragged robin and lesser trefoil are making a comeback in the area thanks to the AONB Partnership's Hay Time project.