crane fly

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crane fly

Any of numerous long-legged, slender-bodied flies of the family Tipulidae and several other families of the suborder Nematocera that have the general appearance of a large mosquito but do not bite.

crane fly



(Animals) any dipterous fly of the family Tipulidae, having long legs, slender wings, and a narrow body. Also called (Brit): daddy-longlegs

crane′ fly`

any of numerous nonbiting insects constituting the family Tipulidae, resembling a large mosquito with long legs.
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Noun1.crane fly - long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bitecrane fly - long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite
dipteran, dipteron, dipterous insect, two-winged insects - insects having usually a single pair of functional wings (anterior pair) with the posterior pair reduced to small knobbed structures and mouth parts adapted for sucking or lapping or piercing
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And two types of house-loving spider - the daddy long legs spider, named because it looks like the crane fly and the noble false widow spider - are growing in number as they spread north.
Unlike most, and certainly unlike gardeners, I have welcomed this explosion in Crane Fly numbers.
There are many species of crane fly in the UK, including some very rare ones, such as the royal splinter crane fly, so named because it only occurs in Windsor Great Park.
Crane fly larvae, known as leatherjackets, live in the ground and are a pest for gardeners as they damage lawns.
Contract Awarded for Granular pesticide required to prevent damage to cemetery turf by endemic european crane fly per attached sow and quotes; price to inclide delivery.
Maybe they were here to cheer on a few friends only to find out Jeff Maggot, Tom Mite, Ben Crane Fly weren't in the field.
A Cabot B Cook C Columbus D Drake A 100 feet per second B 100 miles per hour C 100 yards per minute D 100 kilometres per hour A Crane fly B Horse fly C Lacewing D Warble fly QUESTION 8 - for 8 points: Who was the Republican nominee for the US presidency in the election of 2008?
One ant, one tiny mushroom, a cobweb spider eating a crane fly, a single red mite, some grasshoppers--and that's it.
As we stand, I am increasingly confident that, give or take the odd inescapable wobble, this bull market has more legs than a crane fly.
A New Crane Fly Species from Michigan (Diptera: Tipulidae).
Common crane fly numbers continued to make a slow recovery after population crash in 2007.
Yellow patches on the lawn *may be caused by larval crane fly, known as leatherjackets.