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crank·y 1

adj. crank·i·er, crank·i·est
1. Having a bad disposition; peevish.
2. Having eccentric ways; odd.
3. Full of bends and turns; crooked: a cranky mountain road.
4. Working unpredictably; erratic: a cranky old truck.
5. Rickety; loose.

crank′i·ly adv.
crank′i·ness n.

crank·y 2

adj. crank·i·er, crank·i·est Nautical
Liable to capsize.
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Noun1.crankiness - a fussy and eccentric disposition
ill nature - a disagreeable, irritable, or malevolent disposition
شُذوذ الأطْوار
nehezen kezelhető természet
sérviska; önuglyndi


(= eccentricity)Verrücktheit f
(esp US: = bad temper) → Griesgrämigkeit f


(krӕŋk) noun
a person with strange or odd ideas.
ˈcranky adjective
ˈcrankiness noun
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Women who masturbate often report it helps relieve menstrual cramps and even improve the symptoms of PMS, such as irritability and crankiness.
The stress of travel, and being crammed into a small seat near strangers can cause real crankiness among passengers.
The prominent psychiatric period shows symptoms including anxiety, hallucination, restless, crankiness, or stereotyped behaviors.
We might want to be kinder too in our daily encounters, such as when we have to deal with inefficiency and/or crankiness with waiters, hospital staff, students, maybe even gently asking if they've been getting enough sleep.
Arkin in particular embraces his role, with the same vibrant crankiness that won him an Academy Award for Little Miss Sunshine.
Understand Crankiness Babies cry when they're uncomfortable, bored, overstimulated and sleepy.
Detox the crankiness along with all the other poisons in your body and think good thoughts.
According to a new study, lack of sleep in children causes poor attention, worse grades, school absences, poor social interaction, irritability and crankiness, depression and increased risk-taking behaviour, Health News reported.
An Air Force colonel, a woman, who now flies a friend's personal jet, told me a couple of years ago that one reason she quit the force was Hillary's crankiness and demands on Air Force One.
The most prevalent symptoms were fever, headache, sore throat, tiredness, muscle aches, and crankiness.
Calcium may be the cure to crankiness, so get three cups of dairy daily, plus plenty of steep and exercise.
She had begun this journey with every intention of grinning and bearing his crankiness - well aware of its root cause - but the queue for the Ladies at the last stop, and the resulting scramble to reboard the coach, had conspired to shorten her fuse and sharpen her tongue.