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One who plays craps.


(Gambling, except Cards) US a person who plays the game of craps


(ˈkræpˌʃu tər)

one who plays craps.
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Noun1.crapshooter - a gambler who plays the game of crapscrapshooter - a gambler who plays the game of craps
gambler - a person who wagers money on the outcome of games or sporting events


nWürfelspieler(in) m(f)
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19) However, immediately after the passage that seems to look back nostalgically at a time when Jewish men were not manly," the narrator introduces us to the son of the "tubercular Jewish tailor" with the following words: "Nigger was a virile boy, the best pitcher, fighter and crapshooter in my gang.
Or, as Copeland's dying crapshooter has it, "Don't be standing around me cryin' / Everybody Charleston while I'm dyin'.
He was a small time mobster, a gonif, a petty thief and crapshooter who branched out into organized crime in the corrupt Los Angeles of the 1940s.
to allow a performance of a play in which the leading character was a crapshooter and escaped convict" (qtd.
Leaf Press Publishing today announced the launch of Larry Edell's The CrapShooter.
There's even a weak link: Crapshooters can abuse their elbows and wrists and need arthroscopy.