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Noun1.crateful - the quantity contained in a crate
containerful - the quantity that a container will hold
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Fans will neck Amstel by the crateful and could recoup some of their spending money by backing Arkadiusz and Anwar El Ghazi to both hit the target.
The Premier also called for crateful monitoring of markets, increasing positive intervention retail outlets, and ensuring the availability of seed, fertilizer, and fuel for farmers.
Many produce stands haven't started buying them yet as they are still relatively expensive, but there is a crateful at Ahmad Ibrahim's stand.
Each guest got a daily crateful of logs for the stove, but you had to chop your own in a nearby outhouse.
It could just be a single bottle or a whole crateful, but while the industry remains at odds with medicine, where dosage has to be declared, there is the risk that, over time, consumers will start to become cynical of the hype.
After all, he's got a crateful of rage, self torture and madness to pack into a couple of acts before dropping out of the play while Shakespeare takes us to Sicilia.
With more energy than a crateful of Lucozade, all three lads played their part and gave everything for their fanatical fans.
Steven Guinness got special permission to take a crateful of Marmite on holiday to the US
Within 10 years, she had a crateful of platinum discs and was singing duets with heroes like Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras and Bryn Terfel and performing in front of everyone from the Queen, Tony Blair and George Bush to fans at the Sydney Opera House, Wembley Stadium, Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall.
A dark-haired man with a large black mustache, McCarthy came to the Legislature "armed with a crateful of books," says Rupert Theobald, who would someday become one of McCarthy's successors, serving as the head of the LRB from 1964 to 1994.