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Characterized by abject fear; cowardly.
A coward.

[Middle English cravant, perhaps from Old French crevant, present participle of crever, to burst, from Latin crepāre, to break.]

cra′ven·ly adv.
cra′ven·ness n.


[ˈkreɪvənlɪ] ADV (liter) → cobardemente


adv (liter)feige, feigherzig (old)
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The safest thing to do," he chattered cravenly, "is to put them ashore.
In the meantime Thomas Mugridge, like a drowned rat, was being dragged out from under the forecastle head where he had cravenly ensconced himself.
It is not that they are scared of death, nor that they are cravenly clinging to life.
The truth is, I suspect there is a good reason why C4 are pushing the anti-press angle and why the film crew cravenly stood back while locals assaulted journalists who were only covering a story which C4 had created.
If anything, their skepticism has only become worse with the loss of executive power, etched in the screeds of the conservative press, who regularly accuse the Rouhani administration of malfeasance and cravenly seeking the approval and acceptance of the enemy.
Forfeiting all pretense to objectivity, the critique-cringingly, cravenly and complicitly- toes the company line, ".
Inevitably, Mark Carney, the supine, new governor of the Bank of England, cravenly gave in barely putting up a fight.
Endless trauma resulted from Britain's betrayal of its mandatory responsibilities in Palestine--creating an Arab-Israeli conflict of interest so intense that the British cravenly gave up and walked out, leaving a shambles for others to contend with.
e 36 years, Labour were in power for exactly half that time, a period when Wilson cravenly surrendered to the union barons rather than back his minister, Barbara Castle, over her in place of strike legislation and which led directly to the winter of discontent.
As the title of the film would suggest, Dennis is a gentle giant, and unlike some American and European men (who we see in the film with their bloated paunches and grins at the bar), he is not going to Thailand for cravenly predatory reasons.
I glance cravenly into the dank cellar, its gate unlocked, unlatched.