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v. craved, crav·ing, craves
1. To have an intense desire for. See Synonyms at desire.
2. To beg earnestly for: Your Honor, I crave the court's indulgence in this matter.
To have an intense desire for something

[Middle English craven, from Old English crafian, to beg.]

crav′er n.
crav′ing·ly adv.
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Director Cabin Experience & Revenue Analysis, Boeing, Kent Craver, said this at the recent APEX Asia Conference in Singapore.
Craver said, cascaded into the clerk's office and continued through the floor into two Council on Aging offices on the building's lower level.
Prior to joining Accuro, Craver was the founder of Spring Forward Group, LLC in Cary, N.
Larry Craver, a bedding industry veteran, has been named president and chief executive officer of Garme USA.
Courageous Healing: How To Fully And Quickly Recover From Traumatic Experiences Or Feelings Of Anger And Resentment is the personal story of Fred Craver and his relentless struggle to heal himself from his own emotional trauma and physical challenges.
The limited liability company bought the property as part of a three-acre deal with the Luna Craver Bracey Revocable Trust for $110,000 in January 2003.
ConfigSENTRY consolidates control of device configurations across our multi-vendor, multi-technology network into a single, managed system," said Lynne Craver, vice president of network operations at Progress Telecom.
Despite that, I know when Craver took his most recent vacation, how he has been spending his time as CFO and when he has been suffering from a cold.
The drive included a 39-yard pass to Anthony Miller and a gutsy fourth-down pass to Aaron Craver that appeared to gain less than a yard, but still picked up a first down at the Minnesota 14.
WASHINGTON -- Privia Health, LLC, a physician-based wellness and care management company that is building the nation's largest high performance network of top doctors, announced today that former MinuteClinic executive Jim Craver has been named Senior Vice President, Operations.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The White Castle Turkey Stuffing recipe is an old Craver favorite, having originated in 1991 when a White Castle team member enhanced her grandmother's family stuffing recipe with a sack of Sliders.