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Noun1.crawdaddy - small freshwater decapod crustacean that resembles a lobstercrawdaddy - small freshwater decapod crustacean that resembles a lobster
decapod, decapod crustacean - crustaceans characteristically having five pairs of locomotor appendages each joined to a segment of the thorax
Old World crayfish, ecrevisse - small crayfish of Europe and Asia and western North America
American crayfish - common large crayfishes of eastern North America
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Playing a revved-up version of classic blues and r&b similar to the Rolling Stones (whose residency at London's famed Crawdaddy club they took over), the group was soon a favorite on the English r&b circuit.
petted, protected, fed, paid, flattered, and given every liberty," may have all but disappeared from the New Orleans phone book, yet French culture is still strong and well--as the many Breton-inflected crawdaddy etouffee and zydeco music festivals can attest--in the Cajun belt.
Yesterday, Crawdaddy earned $1,500 for winning the Firecracker Challenge, on top of the regular winner's prize, which depends on the grade of race and the handle (betting turnover).
He was president and owner of the seminal American alternative label, 415 Records, one of the founders of rock criticism, and invented the term "Heavy Metal" during his sojourn at Crawdaddy magazine.
CrawDaddy, Old Harcourt Street Station (01 478 0225) BLUE ROOM.
A crawdaddy is a kind of American fresh water crayfish.
She says it's not becoming for a man over 30 to have a print featuring the words "Fat Poppa's Crawdaddy and Gumbo Shack" on his chest.
As Crawdaddy notes: "It was hard to imagine anyone's jaw being able to drop any further towards the floor.
Despite its sociologically tinged title, for instance, Jon Landau's "Motown: A White Shade of Black" (which first appeared in Crawdaddy magazine in 1967) provides detailed music examples in explaining the characteristics of Motown's successful sound; this article truly belongs on the list of essential reading on this much-debated, and much-maligned, musical repertory.
12 Which other group destined for stardom followed the Rolling Stones as house band of London's Crawdaddy Club in the early 1960s?
But last week during a debate about immigration in the Crawdaddy club in Dublin he openly boasted about employing illegal immigrants.
There are no less than 25 different savory pies on the menu at Old Venice, including the "Daddy Crawdaddy," the "Cordon Bleu," and the "Spaghetti Outlaw.