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Nicholas and I succeeded in chartering the sloop very cheaply; and between laughs, while getting up sail, we agreed that she was even crazier and older than she had been described.
The crazier the task, the more audience I feel you raise.
He possessed a unique quality, that one critical element we all need in a training partner or in a coach: He was crazier than me.
Rob, 28, right, also revealed Jimmy will get crazier as the show goes on.
He said: "I have been fundraising for Macmillan for nine years and each time the challenge has got crazier and crazier.
In a new tell-all book, 'Melissa Explains It All', the teen television star opened up about some of her crazier accounts, which involves a time she took ecstasy at a Hugh Hefner fete, made out with a girl in the limo ride home, and made it to a 'Maxim' cover photo shoot while still high the next morning, the New York Daily News reported.
Here is the 59-yearold singersongwriter at this week's Tonys in New York looking like a cross between Sharon Osbourne's crazier sister and the Riddler from Batman.
Country music fans are ready for the "Ten Times Crazier Tour," and Ticketability.
Conor Maynard says he hopes to break America over the next year, and talks about some of his crazier fans.
When I landed in Mumbai, I texted to my mother that it was just like Napoli, only ten times crazier," said the TV presenter with boyish good looks who divides his time with his wife between Toronto and Florence.
Mind you, by then they'll publish something even crazier.
There were some strange people in my year, but I think the housemates have got crazier and crazier.