creamed potato

mashed potato, creamed potato, whipped potato - Creamed potato and whipped potato are synonyms for mashed potato.
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Place the mixture in a ramekin and | top with the creamed potato.
The seven mains include pan-fried fillet of pollock, cabbage and bacon, creamed potato and brown shrimp butter, and Moroccan spiced lamb neck fillet, roast vegetable couscous, apricot and ginger sauce.
All meals came heaped with seasonal vegetables, creamed potato, roast potatoes, a huge Yorkshire pudding and 'real' gravy.
I had glazed asparagus with creamed potato gnocchi, spinach and saut potatoes, and topped by a poached egg.
From Cashew Cottage Cheese; Mighty Millet Bread; Sunflower Nut Milk; and Banana Chips; to Manhattan Sprout Chowder; Braised Tofu; Spinach Marinade; and Creamed Potato Mash, "Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook" will prove to be a popular and invaluable addition to the cookbook collection for anyone having to deal with the problems of food related allergies and illnesses, as well as the recipe collections for general vegetarians.
Recommended items: Creamed potato soup, fried scallops, meat loaf, hot apple pie.
Mine didn't, but it did have rabbit, hare and pheasant and arrived on a layer of divine creamed potato puree.
Bourguignonne de boeuf, puree de pomme de terre - Beef stewed in red wine served with creamed potato INGREDIENTS - SERVES 4 AS A MAIN COURSE | 100g streaky bacon | 20ml olive oil | 900g beef shin or stewing beef cut into 4cm pieces | 60g carrot, diced | 60g onion, diced | 1tsp salt | 1/4tsp milled pepper | 100g plain flour.
50 | Seared fillet of red mullet, confit tomato and gazpacho PS15 | Smoked haddock risotto with poached hen egg & dill nage PS10 MAIN COURSE| Roasted monkfish with lemon rice, chorizo, confit chicken & mussel nage PS25| Crisp free range Shropshire pork belly, creamed potato, roasted pear & braising jus PS18.
new dishes offer a twist on old favourites from maple roasted pork belly on a salad of pak choi and buckwheat noodles, to Gloucester old spot sausages on creamed potato and red onion jus.