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1. A line made by pressing, folding, or wrinkling.
2. Sports
a. In hockey, an area marked in front of the goal in which an offensive player can score a goal only if the puck reaches the area before the player does.
b. In lacrosse, the circle marked around the goal into which offensive players cannot enter.
c. One of the lines in cricket marking off the positions of the bowler and batter or the space between two of these lines.
v. creased, creas·ing, creas·es
1. To make a pressed, folded, or wrinkled line in.
2. To graze or wound superficially with a bullet.
To become wrinkled.

[Alteration of creaste, perhaps from Middle English creste, ridge; see crest.]

crease′less adj.
crease′proof′ adj.
creas′er n.
creas′y adj.
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The third was not far behind with Moldgreen giving Creaser space to race through.
Newsome started well as Ryan Kirrane-Perrin and Louie Creaser put Ethan Buckley in for the opening score.
Quality tackling was on show with Louis Creaser, Connor Emerson and Jayden Myers making St Joseph's earn every try.
Peacefully at her home in Almondbury, Joyce Creaser aged 84 years.
Head boy Spencer Cheung (left) makes a PS700 presentation to Mr Russell Smith, of the NSPCC children's charity; pupils Stephanie Berry and Ruth Harman (centre) gain PS100 for their group, Co-workers of Mother Theresa; teacher Colin Murray (back), of the House of Light fund for housing handicapped adults, received PS1,000; and Helene Saunders (second right), appeal organiser of the RNIB charity for the blind, receives a PS200 cheque from head girl Deborah Creaser (tmc240114nostalgia90-04)
Louie Creaser opened the scoring for the home side before Ryan Kirrane-Perrin managed to exploit a gap and go over for a second Newsome try.
Malachi McKenzie and Louie Creaser scored hat TRICKS as Newsome Under 8s beat Heworth.
Louie Creaser continued his scoring form for Panthers, going over for the opening score, East Leeds levelled but then Creaser sent Ethan Buckley to the line to put the Panthers back in front.
Further tries from Louie Creaser, Luckas Hussain-King, Corey Stead and two from Kirrane-Perrin (2) gave Newsome an 8-5 lead at half-time.
The home side increased their lead when Louie Creaser touched down after a solo run and while Hunslet kept in the game going in for another try, but Buckley restored Newsome's advantage with a well taken touchdown.
com, Steve Goldstein shares with us '4 key PR trends to watch in 2018,' which he says he came up with over a couple of Cobb salads with Katie Creaser, SVP at Affect agency.
Karl Creaser from Historic England added: ''Historic England has long recognised the significance of the verandahs and warmly welcomes the efforts of Sefton Council and its partners to encourage, urge and support shop owners in repairing and maintaining these unique features.