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1. A line made by pressing, folding, or wrinkling.
2. Sports
a. In hockey, an area marked in front of the goal in which an offensive player can score a goal only if the puck reaches the area before the player does.
b. In lacrosse, the circle marked around the goal into which offensive players cannot enter.
c. One of the lines in cricket marking off the positions of the bowler and batter or the space between two of these lines.
v. creased, creas·ing, creas·es
1. To make a pressed, folded, or wrinkled line in.
2. To graze or wound superficially with a bullet.
To become wrinkled.

[Alteration of creaste, perhaps from Middle English creste, ridge; see crest.]

crease′less adj.
crease′proof′ adj.
creas′er n.
creas′y adj.
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In consequence of which his buttons became more importunate of public notice than before, with the exception of two or three about the region of the waistband, which modestly withdrew into a creasy retirement.
Glegg had on her fuzziest front, and garments which appeared to have had a recent resurrection from rather a creasy form of burial; a costume selected with the high moral purpose of instilling perfect humility into Bessy and her children.
Stella Creasy raised the Good Morning Britain host in the Commons over a tweet he posted to mark International Women's Day.
WE can learn from Walthamstow warrior Stella Creasy spending the past few days apologising for a crude cartoon she unthinkingly posted on the Labour MPs' health campaign WhatsApp messaging service.
The county champions were: Prelim Girls - Emma Mcneill - English Martyrs School Prelim Boys - Noah Payne - Laurence Jackson School Junior Girls - Lois Creasey - Macmillan College Junior Boys - Max Creasy - Macmillan College Inter Girls - Laura Harris - Teesside High Inter Boys - Archie Lowe - Laurence Jackson School In the team events Redcar and Cleveland Schools emerged with four team wins and Stockton schools won the other two.
40pm) Former CIA counter-terrorist operative John Creasy (Denzel Washington) moves to Mexico City, where he reluctantly takes a job as a private bodyguard for precocious nine-year-old Pita (Dakota Fanning), whose family's wealth makes her a target for kidnappers.
Fellow Labour MP Stella Creasy joined the criticism of Hove-based Star Sports Bookmakers, who posted the picture on their Twitter account.
Labour MP Stella Creasy, who has been leading a campaign to close the legal loophole on foreign ownership, said the "eye-watering figures" showed such deals are costing British taxpayers billions of pounds.
REMOVING Harvey Weinstein's honorary CBE would send a strong message of support to victims of sexual harassment and let them know those in positions of power are not free to act without respect for others, Labour MP Stella Creasy has said.
But Labour's Stella Creasy is so opposed to the firm's guarantor loans - where a close friend or a relative acts as a personal guarantor - she is planning to boycott the event.
Labour MP Stella Creasy is not in favour of womenonly carriages on trains.
It was a stunning victory for women's rights as Labour MP Stella Creasy forced Theresa May's Government to accept the move.