creation science

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creation science

1. The effort to provide scientific evidence supporting the account of the creation of the universe related in the Bible. Also called scientific creationism.
2. Creationism.

creation scientist n.

crea′tion sci`ence

a form of creationism holding that the Bible's account of the creation of the universe is as scientifically valid as the theories proposed by scientists.
crea′tion sci`entist, n.
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Noun1.creation science - an effort to give scientific support for the truth of the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesis
creationism - the literal belief in the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesis; "creationism denies the theory of evolution of species"
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Implementing agency : Future Creation Science, Korea Post Korea Post office one trillion months
Providing a mathematical formula for an analogy with similarities to the creation science announcement Hunter brings the site visitor's attention to even further proof of creation by way of Peleg's Biblical account of the splitting apart of the continents.
In addition, he is also the Extensions Director of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee.
American Genesis: The Evolution Controversies from Scopes to Creation Science.
Creation science has had growing influence in Korea in recent years.
Now another group, the Creation Science Hall of Fame, wants in on the action.
The creation science movement thrives on concordist re-interpretations.
Eugenics, gay repair theory, and creation science are discussed, in addition to astral projection, crop circles, and Stonehenge.
In North America, however, this reconciliation has been under threat for several decades as resurgent hordes of fundamentalists and evangelicals committed to a literal reading of select Bible verses have proclaimed evolutionary biology anathema to Christian faith, and have thus exercised their political power to supplant science with a pseudo-scientific construct known, in its various guises, as creationism, creation science, young-earth creationism, and intelligent design.
The Creation Science Movement is Britain's oldest organisation dedicated to opposing evolutionary theory.
Some laws then demanded that biology teachers give equal time to creation science and evolutionary theory, even though the six principles of creation science were taken out of Genesis.

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