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Noun1.creative thinker - an important intellectualcreative thinker - an important intellectual; "the great minds of the 17th century"
intellectual, intellect - a person who uses the mind creatively
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Whether you re a product designer, an architect, a manufacturing engineer or just a creative thinker, we can help your ideas become reality.
diligent researcher and creative thinker who dedicated his life to his line of
Coun Alan Rudge (Con, Sutton Vesey) said the new strategic director would be a creative thinker with the ability to build and develop good relationships.
CLEVER: LEADING YOUR SMARTEST, MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE comes from leadership and change experts who comment on the type of smart employee who is a creative thinker utilizing an organization's commercial and financial resources to fill their potential.
This volume, a reprint from 2007, details how to develop the skills to be a creative thinker.
Melissa Harnett, president of the Acton-Agua Dulce school board, said the district likes Halperin because he's a creative thinker.
Someone's aptitude for these skills determines how well he or she will perform as a creative thinker.
Teenagers have voted the man in charge of mobile phone manufacturer Nokia the most creative thinker of modern times, a survey showed today.
So she's not just a creative thinker, she's a true activist--she knows how to get things done," says Dunn.
If the world Walter Mosley skillfully crafts in these nine stories comes to pass, the unemployed, the creative thinker, people of color, the Jews, the non-conformists, the poor, the working class, the entrepreneur and the intelligent should all be wary.
The guest speaker was Ivor Tymchak, creative thinker, artist and consultant who ran a fun and thought-provoking presentation, "Assume Nothing".
He looks closely at the individual creative thinker and core ideas about creativity, such as developing understanding of the creative process, overcoming blocks, learning to build on ideas and criticize them, making time to think, becoming more confident, listening for ideas, and keeping a notebook.

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