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1. A buffet, sideboard, or bookcase, especially one without legs.
2. A piece of office furniture having a long flat top and usually file drawers.

[Italian, from Medieval Latin crēdentia, trust (possibly from the practice of placing food and drink on a sideboard to be tasted by a servant before being served to ensure that it contained no poison); see credence.]


(Furniture) another name for credence table
[Italian: see credence]


(krɪˈdɛn zə)

n., pl. -zas.
1. Also, credence. a sideboard or buffet, esp. one without legs.
2. a low, closed cabinet for papers, supplies, etc., in an office.
[1875–80; < Italian < Medieval Latin crēdentia credence, sideboard for sacramental vessels]


A cupboard or sideboard, typically without legs.
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Noun1.credenza - a kind of sideboard or buffet
buffet, sideboard, counter - a piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room; has shelves and drawers
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The In&Out credenza from Franceso Della Femina is made entirely by hand.
A Victorian walnut credenza desk, found in Cannock, Staffordshire, sailed past the PS400 estimate to bring PS1,280.
Items of interest for this auction include: Louis XV style Marquetry Bombe chest with three drawers, Louis XV style Marquetry dresser with 12 drawers, Antique Louis XV Style grand buffett with Cherub design brass accents, Antique Louis XV style Marquetry credenza with green marble top, signed glazed pottery by Woo Park, four collectible Toby mugs, antique Japanese Satsuma vase #7 with intricate details and paintings, Tiffany style tulip floor lamp with lily pad base, signed Chilmark "Old Abe" By F.
Also included in the gift are a Victor Orthophonic Credenza, Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph, Edison Amberola Cylinder Phonograph, and a Victor Type 6 phonograph with horn, as well as a Knabe Model B grand piano with Ampico B reproducer, and a Steinway Model A grand piano.
Helgerson used this trick for the living room credenza.
There I am in the nursing home, age 92, and this enormous mirrored credenza shows up via UPS.
Natural-wood base and top on one credenza, for instance, are separated by doors in a slate finish, creating what the company calls a "coastal" look.
The whole thing was about designating spaces -- the kitchen is designated by one monolithic block of (unfilled Roman travertine) stone, the table is a monolithic bloc of timber and the credenza in the middle of the room is a monolith of recycled fumed oak veneer.
I got my boss a hat from the race as a thank you, and he put it on his credenza in his office, which I thought was neat.
Another item to be found in the Victorian house was a credenza.
Ten years on, Igor ( he owes his Balkan name to a character of a movie his parents loved) has a coveted Michelin star for his 35- seater restaurant, La Credenza, which is at San Maurizio Canavese, a village of 5,000 about 15km from Torino in the direction of the airport.