credit side

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: side - account of payments received; usually the right side of a financial statement
accounting system, method of accounting, accounting - a bookkeeper's chronological list of related debits and credits of a business; forms part of a ledger of accounts
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Is there nothing to set down on the credit side of the ledger?
Upon the whole, here was an undoubted testimony that there was scarce any condition in the world so miserable but there was something negative or something positive to be thankful for in it; and let this stand as a direction from the experience of the most miserable of all conditions in this world: that we may always find in it something to comfort ourselves from, and to set, in the description of good and evil, on the credit side of the account.
On the credit side, 13 per cent of those surveyed had experienced more difficulty in raising finance (Q2: 0 per cent).
Account receivable at the same time will be recorded in debit side and in credit side when
On the credit side, however, they welcomed Cathal McInerney back from injury while long serving Rory Donnelly only recently rejoined the panel after a winter break and both made a valuable contribution Before an attendance of 4,520, Clare dominated the first-half exchanges and were fully deserving of their half-time five-point lead, 0-9 to 0-4.
8220;They are attractive from both the sales side and the credit side.
Xpress Money vice-president and business head, Sudhesh Giriyan, said, 'We are planning to enter into an account credit side (rupee drawing arrangement), but it all depends on the approval from the Reserve Bank.
On the credit side, though, I find the drivers very pleasant and helpful nowadays.
What we want is a very tight alignment between the non-credit side of the house and the credit side," she said.
At the time of acquisition hopes were raised that the information in the shops would be improved and the credit side of the business would remain relatively unscathed.
On the credit side, Cov kept their effort going to the end, posting the final score of the game, and to score five tries away from home was a fair reward for their contribution.