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adj.1.having an acceptable credit rating; worthy of having credit extended; as, a credit-worthy customer.
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Based in San Francisco, Varo Money is an all-in-one mobile banking platform aimed at helping credit-worthy Millennial manage monthly expenses and accumulate savings.
Tadesse revealed that the bank will co-finance credit-worthy trade flows within the FTA, as per the bank's policies, subject to demand.
The Government is offering PS12 billion worth of guarantees under the scheme to encourage lenders to offer mortgages to credit-worthy home buyers with deposits as low as five per cent.
ANEW savings and lending bank has been launched with the aim of making it easier for credit-worthy small businesses to borrow cash.
Shawbrook said lending to SMEs will "lie at the core of its business" and it is focused on making it easier for credit-worthy businesses to borrow in the most "flexible and efficient" way.
Reflecting the success of W&H's long-term plan to accommodate medium-size credit-worthy firms at the Empire State Building, TranSystems Corporation, a transportation consulting company with more than 40 offices around the United States, has signed a lease for 8,900 s/f on the property's ninth floor, announced Stephen Eynon, director of leasing at the building.
Subprime loans are typically made to less credit-worthy buyers and have higher interest rates and fees than prime loans.
Insurers have long maintained that these scores serve as a valuable tool in their underwriting arsenal and can translate to lower premiums for credit-worthy policyholders.
Selling" your credit-worthy receivables can generate immediate working capital without the need to borrow.
Sullivan's cornucopian sourcing, like the credit-worthy merchant's, is partly a rhetorical move designed to show that she has done her homework.
Purchasing a new vehicle through the usual OEM-owned finance companies could often be next to impossible for first-time young buyers without sponsorship from a credit-worthy cosigner.