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also cre·dal  (krēd′l)
Of or relating to a creed.
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Adj.1.creedal - of or relating to a creed
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They are less likely to be anchored in a political party, church or some other creedal community.
Academia prefers historical-critical methodology in the quest for the historical Jesus contra the creedal authority of the Gospel narratives as believed and preached in the Ecclesia.
Dominique-Sila Khan in her book, "Sacred Kerala- A Spiritual Journey" narrates a number of practices and traditions that contain the seeds of a truly universal spirituality that transcends narrow creedal boundaries.
drone strike in April 2016, and ideologues such as sharia council members Sami al-Uraydi and Abu Abdullah al-Shami, bringing together both military experience and creedal puritanism.
Not until the third chapter does he get into early attempts to relate Father, Son, and Spirit that were later rejected as heretical, and into the creedal statements of Nicaea, Constantinople, and Chalcedon.
These deal, in part two, "Mapping the Boundaries," with "the boundaries of true belief"--through creedal statements, expositions of attitudes to other religions, and highlights of intra-Muslim polemic (on heresy); and in part three, "The Science of Divine Unity," with attention to miracles, divine perpetual creativity, divine speech, and the vision of God.
Given the impossibility of destroying or suppressing sociological elements, the best way is to establish a "contractual society" in which everyone can maintain their creedal, social and political existence without attempting to attain absolute domination over others.
Phenomenology brings to theology the ability to see how the Lord reveals the kingdom, and how subsequent Christian creedal and doctrinal moves are strictly dependent on that.
His concern with the collection and verification of the Hadith reports, his uprightness, his creedal certainty and his courage pulsates through the pages of Ibn al-JawzI's work and the translation captures it in an easy-to-read language, with only occasional lapses (see below).
This faith by which a person is justified, made right with God, is not merely intellectual or creedal acceptance.
What principles do the most significant guides establish for the ars epistolica; what creedal differences are actually reflected in the various guides; how would an English schoolboy studying Roger Ascham produce a letter that differed from a German schoolboy studying Johann Sturm; etc.
As one of the first women to graduate from Oxford (she earned a first-class honors degree in medieval literature in 1915), Sayers went on to a lifelong career as a public intellectual and writer not only of plays and novels but also of notable translations of Dante, apt treatments of the Church's creedal statements, and concrete explorations of the doctrine of the Trinity.