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also cre·dal  (krēd′l)
Of or relating to a creed.
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Adj.1.creedal - of or relating to a creed
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Given the impossibility of destroying or suppressing sociological elements, the best way is to establish a "contractual society" in which everyone can maintain their creedal, social and political existence without attempting to attain absolute domination over others.
Rather than seeing Marshall's effort as preserving the most essential biblical truths by tethering them to creedal statements, H.
While Paul presents the Gentile world with wisdom arguments for the rationality of the Christian gospel--heavily laced with Greek philosophical incentives--James avoids creedal statements in favor of an insistence on "works" as the mark of the true disciple.
How sweet to rub shoulders with such creedal phrases as "City on a Hill," "the sacred cause of liberty," and "manifest destiny.
His concern with the collection and verification of the Hadith reports, his uprightness, his creedal certainty and his courage pulsates through the pages of Ibn al-JawzI's work and the translation captures it in an easy-to-read language, with only occasional lapses (see below).
This faith by which a person is justified, made right with God, is not merely intellectual or creedal acceptance.
11) As one who is in and of a creedal and confessional church, I recognize this, but what does the text say to churches that emphatically do not?
Smith and his colleagues examine a wide variety of beliefs and practices, but they pay more attention to religious practices than they do to creedal issues, give more space to sexual and reproductive issues than they do to social justice issues, give their respondents almost no opportunities to indicate how important these matters are to them personally, and treat their various measures of religiosity as if they are of equal importance.
As one of the first women to graduate from Oxford (she earned a first-class honors degree in medieval literature in 1915), Sayers went on to a lifelong career as a public intellectual and writer not only of plays and novels but also of notable translations of Dante, apt treatments of the Church's creedal statements, and concrete explorations of the doctrine of the Trinity.
For the early Baptists, "other" meant they did not participate in the common Christian paradigm of creedal faith, fettered conscience, state-enforced dogma, and infant baptism.
rights movement can no longer rely on the creedal passion of 1964, borne
The Russian nation may be motivated by a deep, creedal ideology that has been wafting through the culture for centuries and has now found an unlikely, cynical and cold-eyed host.