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 (krĕn′yə-lĭt, -lāt′) or cren·u·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
Having a margin or contour with shallow, usually rounded notches and projections; finely notched or scalloped: a crenulate leaf; a crenulate coastline.

[New Latin crēnulātus, from crēnula, diminutive of Medieval Latin crēna, notch.]

cren′u·la′tion n.
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Adj.1.crenulated - having a margin with small rounded teeth; "a crenulate leaf"
rough - of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
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Styled like a red-coloured castle with six crenulated towers, it opened to public in 1903.
Cardinal process stout or wedged, narrowing towards the umbo; notothyrial platform continues anteriorly as wide median ridge up to the thickened and crenulated anterior margin.
2x as long as wide, and metasoma as long as rest of body with T1 evenly crenulated and T2 only very shortly striated medially.
The window balustrades, the crenulated stones (both found below building phase II
Culture Time (days) Stage Figure 4 0 Pediveliger larva with eyespot A Planktonic stage with start of settling stage Rudimentary extensible foot Active velum 2 Metamorphosis Foot in development Loss of velum cilia 7 Post larva B Benthic stage Functional foot Without velum Secretion of dissoconch 9 First ornaments (thorn shape) C in prodissoconch Formation of growth lines 15 Formation of ribs in shell margin D 19 Increase in number of ribs E Crenulated shell border 27 Juvenile F Ribs formed (n = 26), separated by deep interspaces Elevated convex growth under the umbo in the shell center Ornaments form a dark-brown tone in the periostracum 37 Square shell with central elevation, G morphological characteristics of an adult of the species Time 0, culture start.
Between these two estuaries (the Severn and the Dee) is a coast about as varied and various as it gets - crinkled, crimped, crenulated and corrugated - holidaymaker and lighthoused, dolphin-blessed, wind-sculpted and always wave-surrounded.
Milling was an extraction of the smallest core structure visible, which was defined as a small, crenulated otolith-core outline.
Rare black and crenulated kernels from 1mm to 3mm maximum dimension, incorporated within several crenulations of the schistose micas are petrographically identified as being "carbonaceous", being composed of compact ultrafine graphite, individual flake size
Loopy kelps, fringed anemones, crenulated sea slugs, and curlicued corals have all been modelled with these methods.
As we gazed across the courtyard, admiring the minaret with its unusual exterior spiral staircase, I spotted two figures climbing upward, above the crenulated walls.
We could make a connection between all those things, between snowflakes and scans of the brain, flowers, any kind of crenulated form like this.