creolized language

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cre·o·lized language

A language derived from a pidgin but more complex in grammar and vocabulary than the ancestral pidgin because it has become the native tongue of a community.
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These words of the Ancestor in the Fourth Century capture much of the spirit of the task Monsieur Glissant (21 September 1928--3 February 2011) set himself and something of the flavour of the creolized language in which he sought to do it.
The double negative, moreover, is so typical of another creolized language, the Dutch-based Afrikaans spoken in South Africa; (8) the double negative also exists in the Dominican Republic, and this variety has been the object of an extremely interesting article by A.
The title, Nation Dance, is meant to invoke Kamu Braithwaite's use of the term "nation language" to describe the creolized languages of the Caribbean, which emerged from the interplay of the various languages that came together in the Caribbean environment.