crepe Suzette

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crêpe suzette

(kreɪp suːˈzɛt)
n, pl crêpes suzettes
(Cookery) an orange-flavoured pancake flambéed in a liqueur or brandy
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Noun1.crepe Suzette - crepes flamed in a sweet orange-and-lemon flavored liqueur sauce
crape, French pancake, crepe - small very thin pancake
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The technical task is the classic crepe suzette, while the showstopper is to make a 3D biscuit scene recreating the best day of their life.
Children and adults alike will be thrilled with the new live sweet corner, which will serve theatrical dishes such as the flaming crepe suzette, and nitrogen ice lollipops with their impressive vapour cloud along with traditional favourites such as Eton mess, Bakewell tart and eclairs.
If you're not of a certain age, just watch an episode of Mad Men and you'll get the idea: Huge cabins, loads of space and lots of beautiful women in tiny stewardess outfits, one of them carving roast beef at a trolley, another making crepe suzette over an open gas burner, all of them pouring endless free drinks while laughing at the brilliant jokes of the (largely male) passengers.
Highlights include foie gras poele, pineapple chutney and crispy quail; chef Francois' French onion soup, lobster thermidor and a cafe gourmand featuring crepe suzette, peach melba and speciality coffees.
But the dessert crepe profiteroles and the crepe Suzette are made in-house.
I ordered the usual: Caesar salad, prime rib (ladies' cut) and crepe suzette.
Meanwhile, the hospitality and catering team were showing off their culinary skills, producing crepe suzette and butter roses with audience participation.
Make a Crepe Suzette was the task - basically, a pancake in an orange sauce which you flame.
I always revert back to classic techniques when I'm not sure of recipes, and crepe suzette come to mind on this one.
If you really want to push the boat out, order the Homard au Champage - lobster in Champagne sauce - and end with the deservedly acclaimed Crepe Suzette with Vanille-Amarillo ice cream.
En signe de rejouissance dans la reprise de ce territoire par les francs, la crepe sarrasine a ete litteralement bannie pour la crepe suzette.