crepe Suzette

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crêpe suzette

(kreɪp suːˈzɛt)
n, pl crêpes suzettes
(Cookery) an orange-flavoured pancake flambéed in a liqueur or brandy
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Noun1.crepe Suzette - crepes flamed in a sweet orange-and-lemon flavored liqueur sauce
crape, French pancake, crepe - small very thin pancake
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Available in Strawberry Shortcake -- Strawberry/Banana, Raspberry Torte -- Raspberry/Kiwi, Lemon Meringue -- Lemon/Lime, Crepe Suzette -- Cherry/Berry, Tea Blossom -- Grape/Green Apple, and Frosty Puff -- Blackberry/Plum.
If you've overdosed on the chocolate, Sainsbury's Taste the Difference spiced pears or crepe suzette torte is a good alternative.
Cradock's exotic concoctions of Crepe Suzette, Tournedos Rossini with mauve Duchesse Potatoes and the Taj Mahal made from Italian meringue speak to her of foreign climes and sophistication.
I'd also have something light like a crepe suzette, and a lovely tarte tatin only because I love pudding wine and it's a good excuse to drink some.
But for sheer indulgence, it's hard to beat the sweet variety, either spiked with orange juice and Grand Marnier as in the classic crepe Suzette or oozing warmed fruit which has been liberally soaked in brandy or a matching liqueur.
How many of you remember the CrEpe Suzette at the Saturday night dinner dance, with dubious waiters doing their flambA work?
And Carol cooked up a berry surprise crepe suzette after taking a fancy to 25-1 shot Bewleys Berry.
ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS With a great soundtrack of songs by David Bowie, Sade, Ray Davies and The Style Council, this starred Eddie O'Connell as Colin, a frustrated photographer with the hots for Patsy Kensit's Crepe Suzette.
Tommy finished his meal with a classic crepe suzette - a huge pancake topped with orange zest, freshly squeezed orange and lemon sorbet, dramatically set alight at the table.
I'dalso have something very light like a crepe suzette,and a lovely tarte tat in only because I love pudding wine and it's a good excuse to drink some of that.
An American-style baked cheesecake was creamy, dense and well-flavoured, served with raspberry coulis, but the flambeed crepe suzette in orange sauce sounded even better.
Meanwhile, the hospitality and catering team were showing off their culinary skills, producing crepe suzette and butter roses with audience participation.