crape myrtle

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crape myrtle

also crepe myrtle
A deciduous shrub (Lagerstroemia indica) native to China and widely cultivated in warm regions for its showy clusters of variously colored flowers with crinkled petals.

crape myrtle


crepe myrtle

(Plants) an oriental lythraceous shrub, Lagerstroemia indica, cultivated in warm climates for its pink, red, or white flowers


(or crepe′) myr`tle

a tall, ornamental Chinese shrub, Lagerstroemiaindica, of the loosestrife family, having clusters of crinkled pink, purple, or white flowers.
[1840–50, Amer.]
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Noun1.crape myrtle - ornamental shrub from eastern India commonly planted in the southern United States
genus Lagerstroemia, Lagerstroemia - shrubs or small trees of tropical Asia and Africa usually with showy white, pink, or purplish flowers
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
References in classic literature ?
The girl was quite as tall as her aunt Pelagie, with dark eyes that reflected joy as a still pool reflects the light of stars; and her rounded cheek was tinged like the pink crepe myrtle.
Prior to the ceremony, guests meandered along paved walkways, which were separated by crepe myrtles and lined with wrought-iron bistro sets.
Shrubs include, but are not limited to, hedges, beds, foundation plantings, palmettos and crepe myrtles.
More than 100 newly planted trees, ranging from maples to Crepe Myrtles, surround the exterior landscape of the new West Cobb location, which was graded prior to Kaiser Permanente's purchase.
Powdery mildew, which also attacks crepe myrtles and roses, causes leaves to turn white.
Chovan has further enhanced the gated enclave's surroundings with over 2,500 tropical plantings, from lush Washingtonian palms and sea grapes to flowering crepe myrtles, bougainvillea and hibiscus.
Deep within the boundaries of the historic French Quarter on quiet Dauphine Street, lies a treasure - a unique enclave of seven Cottages accessed through a private gate, beyond a row of ancient crepe myrtles and through semi-tropical landscaped courtyards.
The courtyard was encircled by crepe myrtles, with a large tent in the center offering beverages to the guests.
Additionally, Hike for KaTreena, a New Orleans based organization dedicated to replenishing the 100,000 trees destroyed due to the hurricanes, donated 50 Crepe Myrtles trees.
Q: What is the best care for crepe myrtles in northern Virginia?
A: First, you are probably right about the crepe myrtles - they do like full sun.