crêpes suzette

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crêpes su·zette

 (krāp′ so͞o-zĕt′, krĕp′)
n. pl. crêpes su·zettes (-zĕt′)
A dessert of crêpes warmed in an orange-butter sauce, often served with a flaming liqueur sauce.

[French : crêpe, pancake + Suzette, Suzy, perhaps after Suzette (for Suzanne) Reichenberg (1853-1924), French actress.]
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In the adjoining room is a showcase of house-made desserts, from cakes and pies to crumbles, ice cream selections and those glamorous presentations of bananas Foster, cherries jubilee and crepes Suzette.
Essentially, Bananas Foster is a flambeed dish, traditionally created tableside in a pan on a gueridon trolley, like Crepes Suzette or steak Diane.
Brasserie Flo Abu Dhabi has a traditional menu that includes French specialities such as soupe a l'oignon, tartare de boeuf, boeuf bourguignon and desserts including profiteroles and crepes suzette.
There's tableside drama happening all the time at Nostalgia, when you order the Crepes Suzette, for instance, or the original Tarte Tan flamed with calvados, or the Serpent Coffee, which is made with flaming cognac rolling down an orange spiral.
Crepes Suzette, cooked for you at the Chef's Table, are similarly sumptuous.
For dessert enjoy crepes Suzette, freshly-made ice-cream or a classic creme brulee for those with a sweet tooth.
Many dishes are cooked tableside, demonstrating the skill of the wait staff, who are almost chefs in their own right (ours cooked the crepes suzette, Dh50, with some scary flambe dexterity).
We shared a crepes Suzette to finish and were pleasantly surprised how good it was.
Gordon also chose the dessert, which was crepes suzette.
I made pumpkin soup, snapper and crepes suzette flambe-that was my 'how to impress a girl' menu.
For dessert there is Indego's chocolate samosa, Le Classique's delicious crepes suzette or Tang's chocolate mousse with coffee soil served in a swirling mist.